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4M Architecture creates a three-dimensional facade for its new project ’’Sapphire’’ in Arbil

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Sapphire designed by Ankara-beased studio 4M Architecture in collaboration with Pro-ge Architecture and the studio's design shows a very holistic,transperant, a three-dimensional approach for the strategic area of Arbil. Sapphire  is located in the 60's ring, which is identified as a developing zone of the city in Arbil in İraq. Sapphire is a mixed project consisted of hotel, office and retail units and it has 110.000-meter square of construction area.

The mixed usage of structure of Sapphire takes part as an ''Architectural Wall'' on the Ankawa avenue which is the strategic and popular place and through turning out the media facade on the only parcel it is designed to make the symbol of the maximum interaction of the territory. 

There are 9 trade units on the ground floor and other 21 floors have 357 office units on total. The specific ‘’Digital Screen’’ is used on the designing of Sapphire facade which is called ''Media Wall'' to display or exposure various interaction contexts and also the different facade configurations have been become as an arhitectural element.

The facade of the structure have been promoted with  motions on the third dimension of the terraces on the the office floors and it is tried to be made a live and active building to stimulate the dynamism of the area. The trade units and socail domains on the ground floor are identified as a vacancy; that transparency breaking the structure heaviness. Therefore, the wall effection of the structure is broken and the mass is not seen as ''huge'' dull or heavy block.

site plan 

ground floor plan

typical floor plan


Project Facts

Project Name: Sapphire

Project Location: Arbil / Iraq

Service: Consept

Client: Signature Holding

Total Construction Area: 110.000  m²

Project Date: 2014

Design Team: 4M Architecture&Pro-ge Architecture 

Renderings: 4M Architecture

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