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This multi-platformed sea club perfectly sits on a rocky shore of Pacific Ocean in Acapulco

Mexico - Aug 3, 2018 - 00:54   3809 views

This multi-platformed sea club features different concrete platforms and spaces overlooking an amazing view of shore in the Pacific Ocean in Acapulco, Mexico. 

Designed by 128 arquitectura y diseño urbano and Kontrast Arquitectura, the Sea Club Punta Marqués perfectly sits on a rocky shore of Acapulco, which is known as one of the first’s ports and shipyard during the colonial era. This place is an area where naval expeditions departed to new territories like the Philippines, Baja California or Peru. 

Since it is well known with this historical background and its nearness to Mexico City, Acapulco is now visited as one of the top tourist destinations during the second half of the XX century.

There are two bays alongside the Pacific Ocean that structures the seafront to this mesmerizing scene, Acapulco Bay and Puerto Marqués, in memory of the Valley Marquis, the conqueror Hernán Cortés. The Sea Club Punta Marqués is situated in the convergence of both bays, a cape called Punta Marqués.

The cape has two frontages, one heading the Pacific Ocean and the other side the bay which gives access the sea just like an ancient fortification. The new building becomes "an Open Balouart", according to the architects. 

Encompassing a total of 2,800 square meters, the spaces are distributed in three major areas: the restaurant, bar building and the pool terrace area. A sea deck and the service areas are placed on the lowest level to allow easy access. 

Taking cues from its location, the architects applied a lighting strategy to avoid the disturbance of the local ecosystem. The architects used multiple platform system that distributes the activities with different spatial characteristics.

On the access level, an inviting juice bar and lounge are designed with a decked terrace to make feel the atmosphere, on the first level, the dinner restaurant and a roof terrace welcome visitors with fully open front facade and on the second level, the architects designed the main terrace bar with swimming pool to enjoy with this spectacular view. 

The architects were careful about the choice of the materials to adapt to the natural setting, that's why, they used the similar colors of concrete resembling to the natural stone.

"Acapulco like other ports around the Guerrero state have suffered a bad moment derived from the violence in the area, however the project pretends to counter balance this situation," said the architects.

"The project brief stablishes two basic guidelines, the revival of an iconic location within the environmental regulations on the site."

Project facts

Project name: Sea Club Punta Marqués

Architects: 128 arquitectura y diseño urbano and Kontrast Arquitectura

Location: Punta marqués, Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico

Date: 2018

All images © Alejandro Gutiérrez 

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