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Stainless Over Plastic: An Imminent Revolution In India By JSLL

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Stainless Over Plastic: An Imminent Revolution In India By JSLL

Revolution is on a high-run! The millennial age of today is witnessing dynamic changes in every prospect. With the massive advancement in material technology, contemporary substitutes have surfaced that aim to fulfil all the modern-day requisites of the user while having the least negative impact on the environment. Stainless, as compared to other materials has proven to possess plethoric qualities that render it as a successful yet eco-friendly alloy. Since its increase in production in 2015, this material has been in the process of eliminating its competition in terms of its durable composition, malleable properties, and diversified usage. JSL Lifestyle (JSLL) through its varied subsidiaries, aims to promote the utilization of this multifarious material for the production of construction components, home décor, service equipment, kitchenware, and tableware. 

Stainless Over Plastic: An Imminent Revolution In India By JSLL

Goes a long way!

The prime factor that instils the green factor in stainless is its durability. It is an alloy amalgamate created out of a number of iron-based alloys and 10.5% Chromium. This tinge of Chromium added avoids corrosion by creating an invisible layer on the material, thus eliminating any reaction from atmospheric oxygen. Inculcating Molybdenum and Nickel further make it corrosion free and highly heat-resistant substitute to any other popularly used material. Where ‘plastic’ fails to deliver strong under raised temperatures, ‘stainless’ sets its benchmark, owing to its composition. 

Keeping patrons healthy

Compared to other materials available in the market today, stainless vouches for its worth through the health factor that it maintains. Contrarily, plastic tends to cause serious health hazards like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer, because of its constituents. JSL Lifestyle (JSL), aims to use the highest quality of stainless while designing kitchenware, which does not produce any harmful residues when subjected to heat;  thus ensuring no aftermaths on the user’s well-being. 

Stainless Over Plastic: An Imminent Revolution In India By JSLL

Options galore!

Ranging from the provision of industry solutions to supplementing plush décor, the products that can be obtained from stainless are innumerable. It's innate malleability aids to draw the core element into sheets, wires, and any intrinsic pattern, thus creating diverse utilizable options. “The low thermal conductivity renders Stainless Steel for sleek and crisp product lines panning from home decor to efficient kitchen ideas. And, these have been innovatively introduced for today’s contemporary homes by JSL Lifestyle. Arttdinox, an integral subsidiary of the JSLL, is recognised in the market for the panache imparted by its homeware and home space product portfolio that’s immensely versatile for every home interior achieving a magnificent abode, further spreading  wings  across the lifestyle sector and hospitality sector,`` states the Managing Director and Creative Head,  Deepikaa Jindal.

Keeping the environment at priority

Stainless as compared to its other contemporaries, does not require any explicit addition of colour or surface coating, by virtue of its classy finish and smooth interface. Thus, during the process of recycling, no artificial compounds are present in the scheme that may hinder with the environmental cycle. Further, it has been recognized as a 100% recyclable material, provided the constituents are carefully separated. Even the by-product released from the production procedure ‘Slag’, can be utilized for alternative purposes including as roadbed material.  In addition to being recyclable, the long life of stainless reduces the need for short-term recycling and optimizes resource utilization.

Mandeep Singh, Chief Executive Officer, JSL Lifestyle articulates, ”Usage of the correct grade of stainless can assist the resultant product to last a lifetime, without compromising the health of the inhabitants of the space. We at JSL Lifestyle, utilize the highest quality of the alloy containing 6 to 20% nickel and 18 to 30% Chromium, thus curating assets that are not only alluring to the eye but efficient in its functioning too.”  This grade of the material enables the designing of mechanized and tenacious kitchens, tableware, homeware, plumbing solutions, and infrastructure products. Deepikaa Jindal culminates with the desire which strives JSL Lifestyle to function by stating that, “With the aim of providing the best-in-class commodity to our customers, we desire to create further elegance using “Stainless” as an ambidextrous component.”

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