 Demolition
Considering that the pre-existing building didn’t have any architectural value and was incompatible with the client's new program and intentions, the house was completely demolished.
It was an abandoned house that had three floors: on the ground floor there was a kitchen and two empty rooms; on the first floor there were four rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a hallway; in the attic, there was an annex, taken by the pigeons, which gave us the suggestion for name of the new house.

 Deployment Criteria
Upon assuming the topographic conditions of the land, the house takes advantage of its natural slope and its orientation (east/west). Thus, a two-volume building appears.
Using the natural slope of the land, the house is built longitudinally, so that it takes full advantage of the elevation to the south and protects itself from all other orientations. This allows to create privacy and to collect as much energy as possible.

 Proposed program
The conceptual idea for this house is based on a simple design and is inspired by Minho's traditional rows of containment of land for farming and their appendices to support agriculture.
One of the main concerns of the project, in addition to the distribution of spaces according to functional criteria (insertion of renewable energy and bioclimatic systems), was the design of the house through its shaping with the land, thus managing to “draw” the landscape.
Arriving at the entrance level of the land, there are two different pathways: a pedestrian and an automobile.
The pedestrian walkway leads, through a staircase, to the main entrance of the house, already on the 1st floor. Once inside, the entrance hall is at the beginning of the entire spatial distribution. It has a very direct relation with the social area, but also allows access to the garage and a pantry that shares direct access to the kitchen.
The road gives us access to the outdoor parking and garage and once inside, we have access to a distribution hall, a vertical access and a laundry. From the ground floor hall we can directly access to the main entrance hall.
The house’s distribution is intended to be very intuitive and simple, allowing spaces never to lose their own identity, blending into social areas and separating into private ones.
A central corridor serves as the backbone of the entire program. In this way, we have in an “open space” system, the entire covered social area. The living room, dining room and kitchen share the same space and have a strong relation with the garden exterior.
The corridor leads to a private area, which has two bedrooms and a suite, all directly related to the exterior. The two bedrooms share a bathroom.



Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 322m2

Construções Sá e Novo

Electricity and plumbing
Fernando Sá Rosas

i9 Design

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