The base is a steak house located in downtown Taipei. The interior design concept uses the image of a marathon of cows, pigs and chickens, presenting the symbolic meaning of fresh and energetic ingredients. Taking the animal city marathon as the concept, the wall is transformed into a pink playground runway, connecting the entire dining seating space. The box seats in the middle area are made of yellow iron, which outlines a warm corner like a runner's rest area. The designer uses the American style of illustration to transform the flat illustration lines into a three-dimensional space, making people feel like they have entered a cartoon world and experience the joy of running to their heart's content.

In the area of ​​the self-service bar, the designer planned the bar area as the space design of the runner supply area, so that the dazzling array of self-service meals has also become a part of the space design. A large number of iron pieces in the shape of houses with pitched roofs are used in the space. It is not only used to divide the different atmosphere feelings of each dining space area, but also presents the image of various tents with different functions set up by the organizer during the marathon. Different from the masculine style of ordinary sports restaurants, the designer hopes to create a warm place suitable for the whole family to enjoy delicious steaks together. Therefore, bright and bright yellow and pink are used in the space, and they are matched with geometrical tile elements. People can enjoy fresh and delicious steak meals in this childlike and lively atmosphere.



Area: 265 square meter

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