The essence of the project for this house is the blend of cultures of its inhabitants. The Mexican and Turkish roots defined a programme with the perfect balance between hospitality and respect, that also marked the design guidelines for all the spaces.

The house is part of its surroundings and protects its inhabitants in a harmonic way with its context. As part of the volumetric strategy and the best use of the land, one of the levels was buried allowing different readings of the same project and achieving that from different points it is presented lower than it actually is.

Being the space the most important and with the target of reaching a full sensation of peace, white color was selected as the starting and ending point of the whole project, discretely contrasted with a materials selection where oak wood and ceramic floors in dark gray stand out. Natural light dominates and filters through all the interior spaces for which artificial lighting was designed to generate a pleasant reinforcement for the necessary moments, without loosing the relevance of the blank canvas.

The house welcomes you in the access level with a double height, a hall flooded with light thanks to the lateral and sky perforations that result in an illuminated reception. There is a large living and dining room with terraces complemented with the guest´s toilet and studio. The kitchen is also located on this level connected to the public areas, its terrace and the laundry room.

The three bedrooms, family room and the master suite, with bathroom, dressing room and a private terrace are located in the upper level. The playroom is located in the ground level, between the garage and the garden. It is a flexible space that can expand according to the activities by simply assembling the three spaces into a party room. There is also the storage, the
service room and the dog´s house, an emblematic space and very important because, Lola a Great Dane and Anuk a Belgian Shepard, are part of the family.


Project name: Casa M28
Category: Residential
Location: Xalapa, Veracruz, Mexico
Year: 2018
Status: Completed
Area: 450 sq m
Ground area: 550 sq m
Photography: Marcos Betanzos
Housing units: 1
Levels: 3

Project: BCA Taller de Diseño
Team: Arq. Francisco Cruz, Arq. Beatriz Bello, Arq. Carlos Carreño, Arq. De Int. Karime Arellano, Arq. De Int. Diana Romero.
Interior Design and Lighting Design:: BCA Taller de Diseño