One of the major issues that have been studied for so long is the relationship between the building and its context. However, the problem becomes more sensitive when the context is complicated and has a rich history. When walking in Al-Abdali, Amman, the glamorous attractive buildings might take your attention, but when moving to a bigger point of view i.e., to see its relationship with the context we find a huge gap between the two.
The design which is a five-star hotel does not solve this problem, but it resembles the need to think again of al Abdali context as it tries to represent the formation of Amman throughout history but in a vertical form or at least to convey a message. Its strange new look and height - when compared to other buildings – conveys a message of the shock that has been happened there.
Each room in this hotel has its own view and that explains the rotation of the hotel besides its relationship with the context and history of Amman. The project is lifted up from the ground to save space for the activities that happen on the plot and in order to make the project seen from different points in Amman. The exposed structure plays a big role in the project. It is part of the skin and part of the enjoyable journey inside the hotel. Also, in this case, the structure is not just a mean to carry the load.
When thinking of the project as part of a solution, it does not solve it at all, instead, it is a rethinking what has been built recently. Not just artworks can convey a message!



Location : Amman, Jordan
5-Star Hotel.

Supervised by Dr. Saleem Dahabreh


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