The project is a strategy for the future settlement on Gadeokdo exemplifying the unique potentials of the site and the development through specific urban designs.

The Project illustrate an ambitious development plan to make Gadeokdo a global landmark and destination by (virtually) developing and shaping the unique terrain and natural setting,
thus making the landscape the main feature of the urban development. By emphasizing the green mountains and curved bays of Gadeokdo the plan gains a natural authenticity linking the future city to the ancient landscape and civilizations of the Busan region.

The Island is a zero carbon island.


Sinus Lynge, Tue Hesselberg Foged, Simon Sjökvist, Toni Rubio Soler,  Nigel Jooren, Søren Martinussen, Tina Lund Højgaard

Gadeokdo Zero Carbon Island by EFFEKT in Korea, South won the WA Award Cycle 8. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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