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Call for Submissions:MASS

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Ampersand v.07_MASS seeks submissions which explore architectural intensities; people, urbanisms, publics, weight, form, ‘pack’ mentalities. MASS is ritual, unavoidable, inevitable, and desirable. MASS is the intentional gathering of individuals, a collection of connected lives, an aggregation of the governed, agglomerations of landscapes as accumulations and articulations of space and time.

Recent histories of MASS situations concurrently repeat themselves in urban landscapes, whilst the mass media disseminates these circumstances. Remnants and memories of MASS are hidden away in public squares, informal communities, slums, and urban development displacing other forms of MASS. MASS is ever-present in the urban and the rural, in all our constructed and built environments. We, the masses, have a right to our environment and our ability to shape it toward our own desires and possible futures. It is the intention of Ampersand v.07_MASS to extend this right into practice.

Ampersand v.07_MASS seeks new work and intends to discuss the physical, the political, the ontological, the geological, and the bodily implications of MASS. We encourage your thoughts, projects, writings, drawings, images, and any other works produced on, for, or by, MASS.

Submission formats include, but are not limited to: design works, essays, opinion editorials, photography, manifestos, and art works. Students, recent graduates, and professionals in related fields are welcome to submit [we are intentionally vague with our eligibility requirements, diversity of content is welcome!]. 


Please submit content to [email protected] by March 09, 2014 for consideration. Along with submitted content, the following information should be included:


Name of Project

Project Description

Biography [3-5 sentences]

Web Identity (optional), Twitter, Website

Image credits and captions [where applicable]


Text, graphics, and images should be organized into a single PDF document. Note: Ampersand is printed at 6” x 9” (portrait). If submitting multiple files, submission should be compressed (zipped) and can be no larger than 20 megabytes.


All contributions must be original works of the contributing author or authors. It is the responsibility of the author to secure the right to publish any images included with the submission. All copyrights for submitted and published work will remain in the possession of the author. By submitting, the author grants Ampersand permission to modify, format, and publish the work. This also gives Ampersand the right to reprint the work in future editions or anthologies.

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