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Foster+Partners' Khaled Elashry On "Applied Research and Technological Innovations"

Ukraine Architecture News - Oct 4, 2018 - 01:21   9681 views

Foster+Partners' Khaled Elashry On

The second lecture of the Architecture of the Future Conference in Kiev has continued with Khaled Elashry, Associate at Foster + Partners, and tutor at the Bartlett School of Architecture.

Elashry's lectured, titled "How Applied Research and Technological Innovations Help Solve Complex Design Challenges", focused on recent projects that the studio worked on and the new technologies that they used through research, including the new Mexico City International Airport, designed in collaboration with FR-EE

The conference has started with "New Technologies Panel" today, and continues to discuss the hot topics on the impacts of technology, results and design process in architecture. 

Regarding applied research and technological innovations, Elashry shared the recent technologies that they are using on their latest projects, including new softwares, IBM, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), BIM (Building Information Modeling), Robotics, Optimization Tools and new Fabrication Systems.

Elashry, especially, stressed that how the new technological tools drives design process faster and provides new ways of looking design and seeing the impacts and results at that moment. 

He added that "specifically optimization tools provide us a good asset to modify the structure at that moment, which means it makes the process faster." "We are working with Robots as well and everyone can see the robots that they can help the staff to move something from one place to another, for example, in Amazon Research Center they move shelves for the staff."

Foster+Partners' Khaled Elashry On

"We have a big library to make all materials samples available for the architects, and on the other hand, our architects can find every sample of physical material in our digital library." 

"Some softwares, especially, show that how they feed us for our multiple analyses to see the impacts and results of that environment or building at that moment."

"Some softwares allow us to see or measure the temperature inside the building, while other softwares allow us to make immediate change on the physical models."

Architecture of the Future Conference, the biggest architecture conference in Eastern Europe, brings together authorities, architects, engineers, developers, media to discuss the "architecture of the future trends" in Kiev, Ukraine for the first time. 

The Architecture of the Future Conference is held on October 4-5, 2018 Kiev and curated by Riyad Joucka, Founder/Architect MEAN* Middle East Architectural Network. United Arab Emirates.

Foster+Partners' Khaled Elashry On

Curated by Riyad Joucka, Founder/Architect MEAN* Middle East Architectural Network, United Arab Emirates, the conference is seeking to change the city through the development of advanced technologies and the creation of iconic projects with key speakers and leaders.

The conference is being shaped around six major topics: How VR/AR/AI are changing present and future of the architecture, 3D printing as a new shape for architecture, Zero energy architecture, Smart city as new platform for living, the sustainable strategies for the cities development, Mega projects, supertalls and new cities within the existing cities. 

Foster+Partner, an award-winning British architectural design and engineering firm and also one of the biggest architectural firms in the world, run by Sir Norman Foster. Sir Norman Foster is a Member of World Architecture Community since 2007. 

World Architecture Community is official Media Partner of the conference and is bringing you the hottest topics, key discussions and keynote sessions from the two-day event.

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