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Winners announced for Marsception 2018 competition

India Architecture News - Oct 8, 2018 - 02:27   9726 views

Winners announced for Marsception 2018 competition

Volume Zero, an international platform for showcasing works of upcoming designers, has announced winners for its Marsception 2018 competition. 

The competition challenged the participants to envision a habitat for the first five colonizers on the Red Planet where they would research on the viability of life for the future human generations would live there; a habitat that would define a trend for the architecture of the upcoming human civilization on Mars.

The jury for the competition consisted of esteemed designers Daniel Caud (Tetrarc), Dr. Margot Krasojevi (Margot Krasojević Architecture), Shahin Heidari (New Wave Architecture) and Britta Knobel Gupta (Studio Symbiosis).

The top three winners were awarded a total prize money of $4000 while ten entries received honourable mentions.

See the three winners below with their short project info:

Winners announced for Marsception 2018 competition

1st prize: Thomas Goessler (Austria)

The human base is proposed to be situated in the area of Arcadia Planitia and entails different survivalaspects for its habitants. The vision of the design is “a self-sustaining system which not only provides humans with what is necessary to survive but also fulfils their social and psychological needs”.

Winners announced for Marsception 2018 competition

2nd prize: Agata Mintus, Leszek Orzechowski, Wojciech Fikus (Poland)

The design aims at protecting the future humans on Mars from low pressure, radiation, toxic regolithcontamination and low temperatures. The participants believe that “Architecture must not only shieldfrom outside environment – it must provide – it must process – it must be all what a natural habitat is”.Based on the circulation concepts from the ESA MELISSA project, the design aims at providing a habitable environment for the future civilizations on Mars.

Winners announced for Marsception 2018 competition

3rd prize: Renzo Lopez (USA)

The BOUNCE LAB is a futuristic research centre that is conceptualized like a living organism. “Thestructure is a recreational and kinesthetic exploration environment which shields humans from the dangers of living on Mars, while eliminating the claustrophobic feeling currently associated with spaceexploration”.

Read interviews with the winners and see 10 Honorable Mentions on thecompetition's website. Volume Zero's next competition Aquatecture 2018 challenges the participants to create futuristic, water-based habitat for humans to prosper and thrive on aquatic/amphibian homes that are flood resilient.

All images courtesy of Volume Zero

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