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"Norman's Architecture Adventure" book helps kids explore their imagination with funny illustrations

United States Architecture News - Dec 30, 2018 - 02:40   5878 views

A new children book illustrated and written by Joshua P. Sanabria presents a funny and tangible approach in architecture that can be perceivable in different narratives. 

Title "Norman's Architecture Adventure", the book is diversified with diverse characters that helps children explore their imagination, sense of adventure, and bravery. 

Published by GoArchitect, the book explores a story about Norman. Norman is a young boy who wants to be an architect just like his mom. Along the way he explores his imagination, meets new friends, and learns about the joy of architecture. 

Sanabria's gorgeous illustrations and a relatable story Norman's Architecture Adventure teach children how having an imagination is the greatest adventure anyone can have. Nothing holds Norman back, he sees what could be and he creates it. He is unrestricted by age, ethnicity, or preconceptions.

"This book was inspired by our friend who is one of the youngest female African-American architects in the United States. We believe that by creating fun and approachable stories we can begin to change the narrative around diversity in all fields, not just architecture," stated GoArchitect. 

Josh is an architecture designer and the founder of GoArchitect. He lives in California and enjoys bringing architecture to life through sketching, writing, and creating software. 

The book features over 30 pieces of original art by author and illustrator, Josh Sanabria. "I really put my heart and soul into writing and drawing this. After years of drawing straight lines as an architectural designer it was hard to loosen up and let things flow but I'm proud of the spirit that came through these drawings," said Josh Sanabria.

Sanabria started a crowdsourcing campaign to publish the book and the campaign reached $1,274 donations, while targeting $500 in total. The book is for children between aged 3-8 and is sold for $24.99, including eBook to that price. Or, you can only buy eBook for $4.99.

If you want to buy the book, visit GoArchitect

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