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HENN to revamp Europe's largest cultural centre with fully transparent podium in Munich

Germany - Oct 30, 2018 - 05:06   2044 views

Germany and China-based HENN has been selected to renovate and transform the Gasteig building in Munich, which is the largest cultural centre in Europe. 

Attracting two million visitors annually, the building was originally designed by the architecture partnership Raue, Rollenhagen, Grossmann and Lindemann, and was opened in 1984-85.

After 30 years of intensive use, the Gasteig will now undergo a major renovation and remodelling, by adding a fully transparent podium which can be seen from three sides. 

The transformation of the Gasteig in Munich will be globally a new landmark thanks to its wide range of cultural activities. HENN's design introduces a new architectural element in the form of a glazed bridge, connecting the existing parts of the building and bestowing a new transparency on the complex – an innovation that opens the Gasteig up to city, affords perspectives of the inner vibrancy of the building, and welcomes visitors and staff alike to be part of the city’s cultural life. 

Named as “Kulturbühne” (Cultural Stage), it will simultaneously act as the leitmotif and generate the identity of the new Gasteig, whilst in design terms its transparent, glazed and open architecture stands in deliberate contrast to the monolithic and mineral-like character of the existing building.

"Following the idea of “ONE” Gasteig, the new Culture Stage extends both horizontally and vertically as a spatial continuum through all the sections of the Gasteig," said HENN. 

"The Cultural Stage functions simultaneously as a circulation node, foyer, exhibition space and an event area. It provides both visitors and staff with clear orientations and short routes between all of the building’s functions." 

"Regardless of its use, the Cultural Stage gives each element its own locational anchoring and individual identity, be it the Philharmonic, the Carl Orff Auditorium, the library or the Munich Volkshochschule (Centre of Further Education – MVHS)," the studio added.

The Carl Orff Auditorium, designed as a flexible space, will host ballets, concerts, and theatre performances - the modifiability of the space will be accomplished by the machine powered lifting platforms situated under the stage. 

Used at a single level, thanks to gradation of platforms, they will be able to accommodate different type stages with different maneuvers. The auditorium's capacity will be able to accommodate up to 1,000 people. 

Site plan

Concept diagram

Massing diagram

Ground level plan

Level 1 plan

Level 2 plan

Level 3 plan


North-East elevation

South-West elevation

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