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CROX from China Exhibits Liyang Museum at the Venice Architecture Biennale

China - Jun 15, 2018 - 00:04   4014 views

CROX from China is exhibiting its project Liyang Museum in Palazzo Mora at the 2018 Venice Architecture Biennale. With the concept of ancient songs, it shows the beauty of oriental melody, and finally completes a very progressive natural building.

Photo by CROX

Photo by CROX

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

According to CROX, Liyang Museum is still under construction. In order to let people cross the park, the building is divided into two bodies. The lower body and the city park form the shape of mountain which becomes the functional part of museum. The upper body and the sky echo each other and fused into cloud-like shape for urban planning. Museum's functions combine Past, Present and Future into one spirit of space. Two architectural bodies create a freespace for citizens and constitute additional space for the city. People can feel the sunshine, air and plants. 

This space provides opportunity to let architecture communicate with the earth. On the basis of people, places, time and history, the architecture's diversity, uniqueness and continuity actively maintain the relevance of local culture and become the permanent wealth of urban residents.

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

In addition to the model of Liyang Museum, CROX also presented a concept film "Floating Melodies" made by the studio. In the film, views switching by two architects C.R. Lin and Darcy Chang convey a sense of wandering. 

"We transfer beautiful melodies into architecture's form, and using multiple perspectives to express walking experience. Liyang Museum constitutes the yearnings to city life and the concept of avant-grade nature. Capturing all the weak information and extracting the touching moment, and condensing it into entity to remould the nature with the experimental spirit," said the architects. 

"For a museum project in China, maximally releasing the space to the public with humble attitude, will activate people's limitless imagination of freespace in the future," said C.R. Lin.

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

Photo by Samuele Cherubini

Exhibition Information:

Date: From May 26th to Nov 25th, 2018

Site: Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy

Exhibition Forms: Text & Image Boards, Video Screen, Miniature Model

Organizer: European Cultural Centre

Curator: GAA Foundation

Data Sheet:

Project Name: Liyang Museum

Client: Suwan China Cooperation Demonstration Area Construction Co.,LTD

City Cultural Consultant and System Service Design: Shangyuan Academy

Human History excavation and reorganization: Dr. Song Zhenghao

Design firm: CROX

Partner in charge: C.R. Lin, Darcy Chang

Design team: Saunaam Yip, Tian-Ye Zhou, Jia-Yi Zhu, Li-Dong Sun, Nicky Ni

Location: Liyang City, Jiangsu Province, China

Design process: Under Construction

Above Ground Floor Area: 12,000 sqm

Underground Area: 7,000 sqm

LDI: Nanjing Yangtze River Urban Architectural Design Co., LTD.

Curtain Wall Design consultant: Schmidlin

Photographer of Liyang Museum: CROX

Photographer of Exhibition Site: Samuele Cherubini

Top image © CROX

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