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Design of an Art School Complex in Romanina, Rome: View from India

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Design of an Art School Complex in Romanina, Rome: View from India

This is a synopsis of Design of an Art School Complex in Romanina, Rome, an International Fellowship program organized by Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Arts & Design in collaboration with the University of Rome, Tor Vergata; Italy. This project proposal is designed by Pranjal Golash, a fourth-year B.Arch Student from ITM University, Gwalior under the able guidance of Prof. Claudio Greco, Ar. Pappal Suneja and Ing Daniele Sansoni. The concept of the project is based on interlocking elements. The team began with two linear blocks interlocked in such a way that a large common space is generated that shall be primarily used for interaction-based activities as required in an Art School Complex.

 Conceptual Zoning

The brief stated that the project shall have to pay particular attention to the positioning of the buildings in relation to the road network, to the alignments with the existing buildings and with those foreseen by the new plan and the solar exposure. The distribution of buildings within the lot was free; the buildings should be located at a distance of 10.00 meters from the surrounding streets. The buffer zones from the streets may include areas set to green or paved, with a parking area. This parking area can be distributed widely or concentrated in a defined area, preferably located near the entrances.

 Master Plan

 Interior View from the connecting bridge

In this International Fellowship program, the school complex was to be proposed in an area that is currently not yet built in a peripheral area of Rome named "La Romanina". This area is part of a wider area of urbanization which also includes the part not yet built called Romanina B and which extends into the territories south of the Rome-Naples motorway, not far from the campus of the University of Tor Vergata. The planning process of this second phase of development is at an advanced stage and the "participatory" process with the observations of the population and the owners was a major parameter of consideration. 

The graphic drawings and documents relating to the general layout of the area, the planned building quantities, the road network, and the green spaces were therefore produced. The land chosen for the design exercise is located near the existing road network within the ROMANINA A plan, on the border with the new expansion area, ROMANINA B. This land, in the existing detailed plan, is partly intended for services public buildings, ie buildings for education. This area is adjacent to the lots destined for school construction of the new plan and in particular to primary education schools (elementary and middle schools) for which the building quantities and the planimetric and volume shapes are already indicated and which will, therefore, be taken into account in planning.

 Exterior View

 Building Section

The program lasted for a month at the University of Rome, Tor Vergata; Ingegneria Classroom, Aula 5 (ex-Disegno). As the deliberation continued the circulation and entrance was fixed. In this process, a large stairway as a key element with sitting on one side and a regular student entry was formulated and on the other hand, a primary thorough way came into picture which was directly connected to administration, auditorium and other public zones. Further, a centralized atrium with triple-height that served as a core to furnish sufficient daylight as a major puncture in the roof beautifully came up. This was covered with a dynamic roof element to enhance the play of light and shadow. The design also features interconnectivity of floors at the upper-end of the atrium with a bridge that seamlessly blends with the form.

View showcasing interconnectivity of floors with a bridge 

Fact file:

Name of Program: UG Fellowship to Rome 2019

Organized by: CTIF India, Vishwaniketan College of Architecture, Arts & Design

Collaboration: University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy

Fellowship Period: May-June 2019

Course Leader: Prof. Claudio Greco

Fellowship Guides: Ar. Pappal Suneja and Ing Daniele Sansoni


Pranjal Golash, B.Arch 4th Year, ITM University, Gwalior

Preksha Champanerkar, B.Arch 4th Year, Dr. Baliram Hiray College of Architecture

All Images © Pranjal Golash

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