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Uncube Magazine no:40 Investigates ’’Iceland’’

Iceland Architecture News - Dec 18, 2015 - 10:57   4421 views

image © Sig Vicious, courtesy of Uncube

The interactive, the most dynamic magazine, Uncube Magazine presents the 40th issue of uncube. Titled ''Iceland'', this issue covers beyond the cliche images of Iceland and digs Iceland's landscapes, territories, roofs and vernacular architecture in a deep sense-from function to sensational landscapes. Please peruse Uncube's new issue as the magazine heads northwards to bring you stirring sagas from the volcanic realm of Iceland. For this issue, Uncube is also honoured to have the participation of artist Ólafur Elíasson who shares his own personal view of space and ways of seeing in his homeland.

Uncube also brings you some surprising examples of Icelandic modernism, sample William Morris’ sojourns and take a critical look at the new tourist boom sweeping the country, which is having a marked effect on Reykjavík’s urban fabric. Plus much, much more – dive in and find out.

Uncube's visual index of the content. image via Uncube

Case Study: Northern Flights, Leifur Eiríksson Terminal, Keflavík International Airport, Text: George Kafka

Found: No Sleep Till Breidholt, Housing, horses and hip hop, Text: George Kafka

Viewpoint: Wish You Were Here, Arna Mathiesen asks: Refinancing Iceland with tourism – but at what cost?, Text: Arna Mathiesen

Photo Essay: Spaces Create Bodies, Bodies Create Space, An essay by Ólafur Elíasson, Text: Ólafur Elíasson

Found: Home Turf, Iceland's ancient rural vernacular, Text: George Kafka

Found: Tin Skins, Reykjavík's corrugated cladding, Text: Rob Wilson

Focus: Icelandic Domestic, Focus on post-independence houses by George Kafka, Text: George Kafka

Found: Notes From Nowhere, William Morris' road trip, Text: Fiona Shipwright

Case Study: The Road Less Travelled, Route 1/Hringvegur, Text: Fiona Shipwright

Found: Giving Shape To Space, The geodesic genius of Einar Thorsteinn, Text: Sophie Lovell

Essay: The Harp That Sang, The saga of Reykjavík's Concert Hall by Sophie Lovell & Fiona Shipwright, Text: Sophie Lovell, Fiona Shipwright

Found: In The Round, A fishy factory, Text: Sophie Lovell

Case Study: Some Like It Hot, Blue Lagoon Spa and Clinic, Text: Rob Wilson

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