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A new arborical-monument ’’Museum of Indigenous Knowledge’’ will rise in Manila, Philipine

Philippines Architecture News - Oct 14, 2015 - 15:31   7459 views

all images © Kengo Kuma and Associates

Kengo Kuma designed a new arborical-monument that will be used as museum in the city of Manila, Philipine. ''Museum of Indigenous Knowledge'' covers 9000 m2 area and acts a new monumental piece that interacts with the environment and people. The arc-shaped structure is an open area filled with green and landscape elements with trees, stone and water. This unexpected piece includes cafes, restaurants, exhibition areas, museum, museum galleries that are formed by closed spaces inside. The visitor only sees shifting platforms inside and transparent surfaces that allows visitor to see other floors. This awesome architectural piece is a real sign of exotism and new contemporary architecture that someone are not familiar with, but we hope they will love it.

the impressive landscape can be viewed from inside and visitors are able to see the ground floors.

view from cafe &restaurant that becomes an open part of the museum.

Project Facts

Location: Manila, Philipine

Status: 2014-

Program: Museum

Size: 9000 m2

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