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LAVA plans a modern makeover for the brutalist landmark by just adding curved balconies

Australia Architecture News - Jul 30, 2015 - 09:47   4948 views

Architect Chris Bosse's plan for remodelling The Sirius building at the rocks. Photo: Supplied

LAVA's concept to revitalise a brutalist residential building in Sydney is in today's Sydney Morning Herald. "Rather than freezing architecture for an eternity, I think it's much better to adapt it to current circumstances," Bosse. Everybody loves brutalism! -and new debates have come out about Sirius apartment built in 1970s at the Rocks. According to the reports, after the period of the green bans, the building should be heritage-listed or demolished. Sirius building was first designed by Gofers for the Housing Commission in 1978-79. Chris Bosse, director of LAVA has released a new concept drawing about this historical building by keeping the original structure as it is and he plans to change balconies with curved-form to re-adapt and re-use for the residents, creating ''friendly'' building for Sydney lifestyle.

The Sirius building at the rocks, as it is now. Photo: Supplied

"Lifestyles and circumstances change, and buildings should change with them. This is a way of preserving a building in a fabulous location and giving it a whole new life. The social housing issue is an emotional topic and a completely different question; this is about the building itself." said Bosse. As related to the new proposal of Chris Bosse, the original architect of the building Tao (Theodore) Gofers approved it and he said "I think adding balconies would be a very good idea," he said. "That's much better than demolishing it which would upset me a little bit.".... Continue Reading

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