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Prev Bankaltim Syariah Head office Samarinda  / Designed : 2010- Completed : 2010 / (Rating: 5,75) - (Page View: 1035)

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M. Bagus Restuadhi

Design intentions
The Design of Bank Kaltim Syariah Samarinda was based on Islamic Philosophy and Passive Design to make a comfortbale building and iconic arcitecture. The Bank represented the philosophy of their work and their spirit. Based on Quran surah An-Nahl, which tell us about the bee, we create a metaphorical building as honeynest. we choose the forest honey nest which a wellknown natural honey in kalimantan. The honeynest shading reduce the overbright light and cooling down the temperature inside. The west and east facade was made by massive aluminium composite panel, block the sun and create a monumental scale to the street.

Technical data
Client; Bankaltim Syariah Bank Kaltim Syariah Samarinda Location:Samarinda Kalimantan Timur Land Area : 2000 m2 Building Area : 4000 m2 4 storey

Project team
Principal Architect : R. B.B. Diwangkoro Architect : Sigit Wijiono, Gatot Suprihadi, Arum Sukma SJ, Dita Ayu Rani Natalia, Ratih and Liona 3D rendering : M. Bagus Restuadhi

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