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Prev Memorial Park Pizzolungo  / Designed : 2010- Completed : 2010 / (Rating: 3,68) - (Page View: 2789)

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Design intentions
The project built on the site of the massacre of 1985 in Pizzolungo mafia, Erice, Trapani, Sicily, where he killed a mother and two children. The monument is like a wound inflicted on the land that makes people stop and think. From the garden you can look at the ceremonies and see the stone that is placed on the inside. The sign indicates the way a path of upward and downward and is connected to the third cut from the floor leading to the sea. The envelope curve follows the shape of the headland of the beach as it stands at present, its curvature would like to recall the waves of green cut some windows and from the sea. But even afford to break the wind on the wall. The project area already looks like a space suitable to represent the effort and pain of the time. For the monument there is little space for the ceremonies and who passes does not identify the breath of space between itself and the presence of the stele. Part of the project will transform the functions in the construction of a landscape as a monument for the protection and maintenance of the status of places. The project is generated by the desire to remember the massacre imagining the permanence of three wounds in the ground. Wounds that connect the beach to land in one case and another to the stars resting in the belly of the earth and forming memories. You want to build a space of silence punctuated by the passing breeze and views to the sea carved into the earth below the green. A simple image using the red, made of Corten steel corroded as a visible trace of memory, leaving the stele as an object inside the wound. The signs of the injury break the meadow of native plants and marine, occupy the central area and most of the plan. The jet of lava stone and still dark like soot and steel Corten create a thermal effect of heat on the public to give the feeling of entering into something that has happened. Plastic around the plants and the effect of the elements from the lower surface of the street create a relationship of identity with the Sicilian landscape of mountains, seem to spare any rock. Im just the pits, giving the feeling of a nature that is shaped by the violence of man on earth. The pastel beauty of the sky, the sound of the sea, the rocks of the mountain behind, and anxiety are part of the architecture on the planet. The contrast between the illegal houses close to where people live without memory and raping the sea and this little item that protects the landscape, is another sought to contrast. The large size of the green wall diminishes the value of the neglect of the architecture disqualified on the sea, dominates in size. The vertical wall with the green lighting elements protruding from the other wants to remember the massacres. We notice the monument placed in the wound if you look inside the crossing place and recalled the story that words engraved in the wounds tell. Can you imagine this space pierced many years ago as if this object was there all along.

Technical data
Building: 200 mc Park: 1200 mq cost: 280000 € Materials: corroded corten steel, lava stone, marine wood, perforeted sheet steel with plants and light tube.

Project team
Designers: Marcello Calà, Giovanni Lucentini; Landscape consultans: Lucia Gitto, Marcello Ziino;