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Design intentions
From the outside the building is very different from the rest of the existing buildings in the district, so it can be easily distinguished also by children. The plan is generated by curved shapes which give richness to the inner space and increase children’s curiosity. The design tries to avoid 90° angles as much as possible and aims to be friendly and psychologically reassuring for kids, with possibility to be adapted by kids, teachers and parents. The entrance leads to a wide open common space with a green patio {hall, multipurpose assembly space, trolley parking area} connected to four circular areas. The two major circles are aligned on the South and are foreseen for the elder children’s sections. The smaller circle foreseen for the babies is slightly apart, always facing South. Each section has spaces for educational activities, playing, eating, resting and physical cure. Each section has a direct outdoor connection through a spacious porch, useful in case of bad weather. The outdoor has a protected area: a garden with access control, enclosed with a fence, also visually. All the school facilities {teacher’s room, kitchen, restrooms, etc.} are placed on the North side. The use of colour is relevant for the indoor spaces as well as the outdoor. The covering is flat with solar and photovoltaic panels on the surface. An underground water cistern collects rain from the roof for watering the garden. Program: 1. Kids a. Space for guided and free activities b. Spaces for Rest c. Changing room d. Toilets e. Outside playground 2. Employees Spaces: a. First aid and medical assistance b. Toilet and changing rooms for the employees c. Kitchen d. Storage e. Teacher’s room f. Secretary and headmaster room 3. Outside organization and attached programs: a. Space for outdoor and indoor activities b. 12 Parking spaces for employees nearby outside the lot budjet: 1.130.000,00 euro surface of the lot 2.500 sqm building surface 825 sqm 60 children, 3 sections studioUAP with Ecosfera Spa project team: Silvia Cioli, Chiara de’Rossi, Luca D’Eusebio, Giacomo Di Rienzo, Giovanna Domjianni, Andrea Mangoni structural design: Chiara de’Rossi electrical and mechanical engineering design: Eugenio Cimino

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