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Kristoffer Negendahl Jensen

Design intentions
Imagine that you are on holiday in Greenland. You have been hiking all day and full of the days experiences, you seek out your accommodation for the night: a mobile, lightweight fibreglass cabin, assembled and erected in the wilderness to house tourists and equipped with low-energy technology that provides lighting and heating. Once inside the cabin, you prepare your meal and sleep on a comfortable cot and when you leave the cabin the following morning you deposit your refuse from the toilet and the kitchen in the integrated biogas-module. That is how an overnight stay in the wilderness of Greenland might be in the near future.

Technical data
GFA 18 sq m Construction costs 12000 € Site area 18 sq m Footprint area 18 sq m Building height 3,6 m Building depth 4 m Further relevant key figures Total cabin weight (1 unit = 813 kg) Heating-module, preheating ventilation air (1,7 sq m = 1200 W) Power-module, walls with solar cells (21 sq m = 200 W) Used materials Building envelope: fibre composite (recycling fibreglass from boats, or hemp bast fibre and natural resin ) Building supports: aluminium (recycling aluminium boats, air planes and other aluminium sources cans) Insulation: Natural fibres (recycling paper, sheep wool or fungal isolation)

Project team
Brian Hurup-Felby Thomas Fænø Mondrup Kristoffer Negendahl Jensen Jonas Vendel Jensen

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