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Dilip Revar

Design intentions
LIVING ON WHEELS by Dilip Revar (a new dimension) Why is architecture always defined by walls, floors, ceilings & the like?? In trying to change that norm, I would like to introduce the experimental house - “Living on Wheels”. I have vision to create an unconventional weekend house. I always try to do something different, something never seen before, something innovative, exciting & interesting… … Something that stimulates change & can make people think & question everything around them. Following these ideas, I have tried to create a weekend house which I call Living on Wheels which bridges indoor & outdoor living! It’s fusion of simplicity & complexity; two cubes of 6m x 6m x 6m each form the house. One is for the kitchen & ‘open to sky’ toilet which are fixed (simplicity) & the other is for living; on wheels and can slide horizontally in different directions (complexity). The weekend house can be experience & feel the spaces accordingly the mood of the user. Let the rain in, Look at the moon & stars while sleeping, Let the sky be your roof & the water your floor. Let your house be without doors & windows, Let it be a new feeling, a new experience & a new dimension.

Project team
Architects: & a new dimension Principal Architect: Dilip Revar 3D renderings: Ramesh Patel & Associates

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