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Design intentions
The method of designing the house in Poznan was taken from Japanese art of paper folding – origami. We noticed that it gives unlimited number of possibilities for defining three-dimensional shapes. In spite of different scale, matter and functional solutions, the rules we applied produced great results. We designed a one-storey house which is located on flat building plot. There is an inner atrium with the view of the surrounding fields. Its floor surface is 320 m² and it is meant for a family of four. The solid is mostly defined by the roof. Its inclination was supposed to meet certain conditions {25°-40°}. The use of a natural graphite stone on the walls and the roof emphasizes a cohesion and minimalism of the solid. The closest surrounding of the building was designed as multi-textural mosaic which is a reference to Japanese gardens. Shallow water bodies are characteristic elements. Especially the one at the front of the building. Since there is no fence, it is a barrier between the street and the house.

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