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Setiadi Sopandi

Design intentions
A house for a young family with two children in Jakarta, Indonesia. The brief calls for a relatively intensive programs for medium size plot (10 m x 25 m), so the functions could only be stacked in three levels. The brief calls for a specific music room, a swimming pool, and a dedicated home theater, as well as two children bedrooms, a guest bedroom, and a master bedroom. Our main challenge is to provide open space which links all important functions into a continuous flow of space and feeling of openness, and to address the tropical climate heavily polluted air + security issues. This part of Jakarta, despite of its high property value, is notorious of unfriendly individualistic neighbourhoods, air and water pollution, and security issues (as the middle-high communities are often immediately surrounded by slums and industrial enclaves). So the proposal tries to put an open space (in form of a pool deck, sheltered by tension fabric) fitted between two double height white boxes. The configuration enables protection of the open space from outside but lets the users to feel the outdoor ambience, a luxury which is rarely experienced in typical middle-upper residential design in Jakarta.

Technical data
Plot size: 10 m x 25 m Built area: app. 400 m2 No. of stories: 3 Taman Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta, Indonesia

Project team
Principal: Setiadi Sopandi, Supantah Assistant: Adisuwarna Setyadi Landscape: Ita Burhan

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