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Design intentions
The building takes reference from the surrounding green tissue, pedestrian and vehicle approaches, levels of the site and our researches on the systematic-flexible forms of design and construction. The design programme and the design of the relations are developed beforehand the building is designed. The layered strips make up of the plan construct. The layers of the plan are; sun shading steel frame, the facade strip that is made up of painted glass of five different colors, the strip of work spaces, storage, counter, shaft, door band, circulation band, atrium and the mirror coated pool base. Every element and its components exist in their own constructs within a totality. The building has a double programme; simulation and research center. The circulations of these two different programmes never mix with each other; although they can be related in the future. In order to gain this flexibility, the systematics of layered strips, which resemble Turkish carpet designs, are integrated with the idea of grid in the third dimension, and all constructional elements of this project are adapted to this grid. The whole structural system and the components that make up of the building are located through a 7m x 7m upper grid and 1.4m x 1.4m lower grid. A matrix is formed through that development. The smallest common divisor space of this three dimensional matrix is a room. The elements that make up of the building inside, which are, walls, windows, suspended ceilings, shafts, etc., and the outside, which are, canopies, floor coverings of the plaza, entrance doors, etc. are located by following this grid. The building is formed through this three dimensional matrix and the design of its components and their relations. Rather than following the traditional design approach in which the architect takes part in every design process, the building is the result of a different approach in which the architect is the designer of a flexible system that is achieved through a “design of the design act”.

Technical data
project : metu simulation and research center status : invited competition 2006, 1st award location : ankara, turkey built area : 4.100 m² structural engineering : aydın pelin - can binzet engineering structural system : reinforced concrete mechanical engineering : ünlü engineering electrical engineering : ovacık engineering exhibition : tsmd - educational and cultural buildings exhibition, ankara, october 2008 press : arkitera architecture center arkiv selections 2009

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