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Design intentions
The building is shaped like a star resembling the pathways of the forrest that surrounds it and used to be the hunting grounds for the king. The buildiong is a lifted landscape creating a series of panoramic rooms in a hill. The green roof becomes part of the forrest floor creating a building that becomes one with the forrest. The visitors centre hold learning facilities, labs, cafe, residence, exhibition areas and workshop. It is a zero energy building that draws on the natural sustainable aspects of the forrest.

Technical data
Project: Visitors centre Type: Comission Client: Skov & Naturstyrelsen Collab: COWI Site: Harskoven, Copenhagen Size: 1000 sqm

Project team
Sinus Lynge, Tue Hesselberg Foged, Jakob Nørbjeg Madsen, Marcin Kropidlo, Josephine Giller, Søren Martinussen, Tina Lund Højgaard

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