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Chilean-born Architect (1980)Andres has always been interested in exploring new design strategies, responsive architecture and pushing the limits of architecture in many ways.

Andres graduated with distinctions at Universidad Finis Terrae University, Santiago, where he soon started to teach as an assistant professor before emigrating to London after two years of work experience in Chile.

He pursued the MSc in Emergent Technologies + Design at the Architectural Association and during the course he participated in two built projects: Termas de Quitralco Shelter, and The EmTech Canopy at the AA. During his AA year, he also collaborated in a research with Mike Weinstock for two publications.

Right before Graduating from the AA, he joined Foster + Partners, London. During his first year at the practice he was a member of the Atelier Foster+Nouvel, participating in a joint venture with the French architect Jean Nouvel. At the same time he started as Media Studies tutor at the AA.

His work has been published in Europe, Asia and the Americas

Andres is an architect at Foster + Partners, London and is still aiming to develop his skills and share his knowledge by lecturing in different places throughout the world and teaching at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London.



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Projects by Andres Harris

Chilean pavilion, wooden instalation

Andres Harris

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