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Nora Lau was born in Potsdam in 1980. Living until 1989 in Eastern Germany, she moved to the Western part prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Back to Berlin, she started studying architecture at the University of the Arts Berlin (UdK) in 2000. After a break with studies in Milan (2003-2004) and the collaboration in the art group "bizzim" (with N. Aydogan and C. Keichel), she graduated from University of the Arts Berlin in June 2007. Nora Lau is actually living and working between Berlin and Milan. ___ART EXHIBITIONS: "Maßstabssprünge" ("Jumps in scale"), 5th February - 3rd April 2005, realized project of a living space as a multicultural wickerwork (German - Italian - Turkish). Collaboration between "bizzim" and the art critic P. Herbstreuth for the interdisciplinary exhibition experiment "I House you"; papirossa, Netzmuseum für Sprache and GdK, Galerie der Künste e.v., Berlin. | "Stadt - Raum - Wahrnehmungen" ("City - space – perceptions"), December 2007: Organization of the art-exhibition and participation with the work "Milan, summer 2006 - city imprints" at Projektraum P1, UdK Berlin. ___PUBLICATIONS: "lecture series 03 – Kreativität und Kontrolle" ("lecture series 03 – creativity and control"); edited by S. Eickhoff, E. Gmyrek, M. Kölke, N. Lau and N. Lill, Berlin 2003. | "Stadt - Raum – Wahrnehmungen" ("City - space – perceptions"): A.-M. Kursawe and N. Lau, Berlin 2007. ___AWARDS: "A house for Federico Fellini - The taste of the marvellous", 2008. competition of ideas. Icarch Gallery, Chicago, IL, US.




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Projects by Nora Lau

X-rayed - Veltins Lounge, Contain Gallery Cologne

Nora Lau


There is a light

Nora Lau



A house for Federico Fellini

Nora Lau