MVRDV's Infinity Path Creates Vertical Exhibition Space For BredaPhoto Festival

MVRDV has designed a descending and rising walkway that functions as "a vertical exhibition space" for a series of photos of the BredaPhoto Festival, running from the September 5th to October 21st on the Chassé Promenade in the city of Breda, Netherlands.

Called Infinity Path, the 500-metre temporary structure covers a large part of the square on the Chassé Promenade. Comprised of a raised path, a walkway platform offers views to the city while providing wall space below to display photographs as part of the biennial event. 

Reaching at 6 meters, the form of the structure takes its cue from the square itself, which was designed by West8—the route follows the lines of the pattern which animates the ground plane.

"The Infinity Path literally brings a new dimension to the space," said MVRDV. 

"The Infinity Path is an important attraction in the biennial festival event, providing visitors with an opportunity to admire the photography on display and to have a new perspective on the City of Breda."

The structure is supported by a system of scaffolding, making it a design descendent of The Stairs to Kriterion, a temporary project from 2016 in which MVRDV created a staircase leading to the roof of the Groot Handelsgebouw in Rotterdam.

The Infinity Path will remain in place until the close of the BredaPhoto Festival on October 21, 2018. 

Image © Jack Janssen 

All images courtesy of MVRDV, unless otherwise stated.

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