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“Let me express my gratitude to WA Community for giving my project a chance to be shown and discussed to a wider audience.Albert Santos Zambrano, architect, Philippines 

“You are doing great work, keep it up” Arch/ Aly A. Samy; Architecture Designer, Palma Designs, Giza, Egypt

“I think your idea of a global platform for architects is very good and, frankly, much needed. From my point of view that it can be used as a platform for network and communication across political borders and nations.”
Rune Madsen, Denmark

“Mozambique still has a long way to go in terms of architecture, in design process and in critical movement. To grow, we need to show what we do, to each other and to the world. I believe that is an amazing platform to do this - to discuss between us and to learn from you and others.”
Ruben Morgado, Principal Architect at RM-Arquisign

“All in all I think its this democratic attitude powered by WA that will always be the most appealing aspect of the portal, no matter what you may change in the future.”
Luis Loureiro, MA architect, the University of Coimbra, Portugal

“I took contact with the WA after being in the UIA Congress at Torino, last June-July, and I found in the WA an excellent oportunity to cooperate and share opinions with many other colleagues and academics from other universites and countries. “
Prof. Arch. Fernando García Amen, Uruguay

“Compliments for your useful and well put together website” Gail Galit Golany, architect, partner at Golany Architects, Israel

“It is my honor to be part of your very successful activity.”
Architect Dr. Ami Ran, Editor in Chief Architecture of Israel

“It is a great pleasure and honor for me to participate to the voting for the two first cycles of WA Awards. The Award is a very interesting opportunity to see new projects from all the world.”
Laszlo Mester de Parajd, Architect, French Development Agency, FRANCE

“It is very a interesting and informing process to see architecture evolving around the world. I find your website excellent and I would like to contribute to its greater success.“
Anastasia Paparis, Architect A.U.Th., - Town Planner UCL, M.Phil., PhD Cand., GREECE

“Many thanks to organizers who have made the process of submission very democratic and the information - always helpful and up-to-date.”
Olga Banchikova, M.Arch UD Bartlett (Hon), Dipl.Arch (Hon) RUSSIA

“With each passing day I am becoming more interactive with your site world architecture which I must say is very comprehensive and commendable since it has shrunk the architectural community to one unified platform.”
Maria Aslam-Hyder, Chief Editor, ADA, Pakistan

“Dear members of the World Architecture Community, I just have to thank for that assessment had with our project Nautilus. All participants are already victorious, but the great merit of you is to create the magnificent site. Congratulations!”
Arch. Wellington Costa Lima and Team, BRAZIL

“World Architecture is an excellent initiative. I congratulate you and your team on this very useful endeavor.” Arch. Dr. Shakeel Qureshi, Former Director, M.Phil. /Ph.D. Program in Cultural Heritage Conservation and Management National College of Arts, Lahore, Pakistan

“Let me congratulate you on your superb online organization.” Arch. Alex Santander, Estudio Santander, USA

"I am very pleased how WA is progressing and gaining its own momentum, though in areas where those were not envisioned initially, it starts to have a life of its own. It’s a great service to the profession with defiance to preset and established criteria for excellence, in defiance to this retro vision it has voiced many silent talents. Bravo."
Ahmad Hamid, principal, Ahmad Hamid Architects

"World Architecture Community is the gallop archipop google" Charles Jencks

"Congratulations on the website – it is terrific!" Charles Correa

"Thank you very much for the list of awards of the World Community. It is a fascinating collection and I will take some time to study it. For me it is important that many of the works are new and expressing a new direction and I had a chance to learn from it."
Prof. Udo Kultermann, historian and critic of art and architecture

To the brilliant and creative mind(s) that proposed the idea of creating the portal of the WA Community and made it real, I would like to portrait my thanks in the following image: her majesty, the global but eternal idea, drives herself only to the master architectonic minds, i.e., those who were enabled by revelation to understand her polyarchitectonic nature; and when she comes, she whispers to those minds, saying you deserved the perpetual state of excellence.
Hossam Aboulfotouh, Director, UIA Work Programme "Architecture & Heritage", Region-V

“I am delighted to participate in this venture, yet another important boundary blurring venture of yours.”
Pratap Talwar, AIIA, AICP, Principal, Thompson Design Group, USA.

“I am sure it will be a worldwide platform, which will facilitate international communication between different groups or individuals, and by exchange the ideas, it will create a strong theoretical foundation for the future of architecture.”
Prof. Dr. Erdal Aksugür, Eastern Mediterrenean University, Turkish Rep. Of Northern Cyprus.

“The site is no doubt an exhaustive one and well researched in articulating the various branches. Im sure when operative, it would offer a sea of wealth of architecture material for all to debate, understand, question and share.”
Suneet Paul, Editorial Director, A+D Magazine, India.

“This will be an excellent database with extremely important information on the profession and architecture worldwide.”
Gaetan Siew, Past President, UIA, Mauritius.

“The portal is wonderful, most complete I ever seen.”
Antonio Risianto Ismael, Architecture for the Poor, Indonesia.

“think it can be a great tool to link architects together all over the world and to open the doors for all of us to share our issues, the positive and the negative.”
Jafar Tukan, Consolidated Consultants for Engineering and Environment, Jordan.

“You have initiated a unique architectural web portal to the information-cave perhaps for the first time ever taken place globally.”
Rabiul Husain, President, Institute of Architects, Bangladesh.

“I have surfed through the portal and recognize its tremendous potential as an interactive forum that could bring together all the players, big and small, who are shaping or will shape the future of our cities and thus, our lives. The possibilities of participation, contribution, sharing and learning seem endless and every scenario one conceives is more exciting than the previous!”
Syed Akeel Bilgrami, Architecture for Humanity, Pakistan.

“It is most impressive, and the amount of information it features is overwhelming (that would be my "criticism" of it).”
Dr. Mohammad al-Asad, Center for the Study of the Built Environment (CSBE), Jordan

“I found the portal well designed, the fields easy to access and their themes well chosen. Naturally only time will give flesh to this structure.”
Fernando Varanda, Portugal.

“Congratulations for this new venture! It looks very impressive and I am sure it will become a very powerful source for debate and communication.”
Prof. Farshid Moussavi, Director, Foreign Office Architects, UK.

“Good luck with the project: it looks fascinating, and has clearly been well thought through.”
Julian Honer, Editorial Director, Merrell Publishers, UK.

“I have had a brief look at the website and am terribly impressed with comprehensive nature of it. In particular the fact that unlike most other website this one seems to have a greater coverage of non western architecture thus giving a more balanced view.”
Martand Khosla, India.

“Very nice! I enjoyed seeing this and am amazed at your dedication and enthusiasm. I wish you well in your continued efforts concerning this important work.”
Bart Prince, USA.

“It is a great site and much needed. Thanks for taking this on as a project.”
Akhtar Badshah (LCA), Microsoft Unlimited Potential, Community Technology Skills Program, USA.

“I find the website and the idea and its message of mission stated or implied, just great.”
Ahmad Hamid, Principal, Ahmad Hamid Architects, Egypt.

“The main site is very elegant, I hope this project will be a good forum for architects of different cultural background but carry the same thoughts and values.”
Alousi Maath, Principal, Alousi Associates, Cyprus.

“The potential of this forum could be enormous, and your concept has that hallmark of all truly great ideas, which is to say something that seems so brilliantly simple that only after it becomes a reality does one wonder how it could not have always existed? There is so much good that can be done if certain ideas in our field of experience could only be shared more easily, and though the technology to do this has been available for quite some time now, it clearly has not been used to anything approaching its full potential, which your initiative promises to expand.”
Martin Filler, Editor, House&Garden, USA.

“I congratulate you on the wonderful idea of World Architecture Community. The site is excellent, readable, easy to navigate, very comprehensive, and inclusive, wonderful idea...”
Ashraf Salama, Ph.D. Professor of Architecture, Qatar University; Chief Editor, Archnet-IJAR, Egypt.