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WA Mission


WA is an independent global forum and extensive database targeting to become the “Home Page” of architects from ALL countries of the world. Contributions from all our members will have equitible chances to be represented, promoted, reviewed and criticized at this cosmopolitan arena.

This global directory will be continuously developed and updated through your collaborative efforts. Please check the page of your country and begin to add important links that are missing.


  • provide a guide to the contemporary architectural practices in all countries.
  • facilitate access to “THEORY” in architecture for all scholars, students, and enthusiasts;
  • stimulate public interest in architecture to overcome the introvert character of architectural discourse and make it a issue of general intellectual culture and gossip;
  • help responsible architects and interested clients meet each other at a global scale;
  • provide an opportunity for local practices to become internationally recognized and discussed by prominent scholars
  • make the expertise and experience in the construction sector of all countries globally available
  • enable architects from diverse conditions to confront their ideas and concepts, share their experiences, broaden their knowledge, and learn from their differences
  • discuss the role of architecture in developing conditions by questioning the established paradigm of architecture
  • question issues of modernism, globalization, identity, inequality and development
  • use the Internet’s potential for transforming educational theory and practice by linking the resources and talents of a global community.


All architects are invited to SUBMIT their buildings and create their portfolio at the WA Portal.

Anybody can nominate a building submitting its photo and the correct name of the architect (the WA team will try to verify the provided information by corresponding with the architect)

Students / Architects can also SUBMIT unbuilt projects (drawings, sketches of utopian or fantastic ideas, student projects and exercises, rejected proposals, competition entries, etc.)

Recognized Architects featured in Country Pages

Country editors decide which names shall be highlighted as representing the architectural scene in their country. All members are invited to create Architect Pages for recognized masters in their country and contribute to already created ones by simply providing relevant links or posting images of the buildings they admire. All contributing members are mentioned at the header of respective pages.


Make Your Articles Available On-Line@WA
You can submit all your articles to the WA database for wider readership, recognition and impact. And please do so for the WA community to share, discuss and develop your ideas.

Linking to Articles that are On-Line Elsewhere
If your articles are already published on-line at another website and you cannot post them at WA due to copyright reasons, you can simply submit the respective link after creating one or more Issue Pages concentrating on the topics you think the discussion in your article relates to. Please browse for the present Issue Pages under the Theory & Issues section to find out already established topics and connections.

Advantages of the Issue Pages
We have developed a unique feature for the discussion of most diverse issues by cross-referencing among “related issues” that can be introduced and developed by voluntary members who will eventually become Issue Editors. This extensive “Thesaurus of Ideas” will easily guide the reader to your articles either in our database or elsewhere on-line. After submitting your articles you can either.