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For the simply innocent but curious non-advocates at the moment, they may ask what’s the hullabaloo anyway, about Green living eh?

Well, it’s just what GOD purposed for the earth to sustain itself for many hundreds of years and even to the 2nd millenium A.D., and on through this day and age, when we, civilized peoples aptly call ourselves as such, save those without concern for our one-and-only planet earth.

Admittedly, with the advent of the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 18th century, came the unprecedented growth of economies in Western Europe that spread to the United States and to the rest of the world, which ultimately led to the integration of national economies which is now popularly termed as Globalization, during which period to date, also marked political compromises on environment protection.

Although, in a good sense, for progress’ name’s sake it contributed to a more dynamic, open, widely-accepted and transnationally democratic way to share in the financial world market’s profits including the cultural, informational, technological-advancement-related developmental aspect of training exchange, among a growing number of participating countries.

Such had, in the fourth quarter, most especially of the past 20th century, brought into the synergetic and competitive world trade, China, which continues to grow in wealth, industry, technology, which nation has surely come a long way from being isolated from the rest of the world.

On the other hand, with the lack of control and too-lenient trade regulations, though, over the real estate mortgage and investment banking of such countries like the United States, through the past years of unrestrained credit-spending, globalization, finally started to recently backlash, and will continue to do so if not regulated and without getting people back to the basics of frugal countermeasures, despite having had once-booming economies, many previous decades earlier.

Asian countries, like the Phlippines had started to pick up on the worldwide phenomena, although our homeland, a third-world country, so tropically-rich in natural resources has been slow in climbing up the list as one of the most progressive asian ’newly industrialized countries.’ And in the course of getting ’there’ with the cream of the crop we could tend to sometimes overlook and ignore unawares, the possible environmental degradation effects of this worldwide trend of globalization.

That is, if we would settle for even just partial if not outright compromises to the detriment of our environment, in the path of so-called ’Economic Progress’.

These can be seen, with overpopulation of urban centers, migration of more people from the provinces to jam-pack the cities, when national policies can otherwise seek to justly distribute resources for urban development and livelihood opportunities, across the archipelago. Thus, resultant health issues of concern for most of the congested urban areas, are brought to the fore, with agriculture-based food security put in the backburner of the nation’s priority, all for the ’namesake of Progress.’

What could have been properly invested, inequitably apportioned among the growing population, widening the gap between rich and the poorest of the poor.

A nation’s economic improvement, thus, must be correlated to the protection and proper utilization of our natural resources so that food security will not overall be based on overseas trade imports, that come with tempting incentives for policy makers/regulators in government.

’GREEN’ truly makes sense in the world we live in.

Although, ’Green’ must not represent only bucks for the globalized nations concerned, if we all truly want to totally benefit from it, to sustain human life in the present, and for more generations ahead of us.

How great a global impact, our revolutionary green/sustainable lifestyle changes and building preferences in the present globalized economy, can surely make indeed!

If we would just start to become well-informed about the importance of sustainable living and afterwards stay au courant to its ever-evolving sustainable applications that come with the fast-changing technological developments of our time.

In that, awareness about it, can start from our very homes, our respective offices, schools, churches, among other institutions in our community.

To bring about such healthy, economic-wise and refreshing change to our daily lives with less clutter, reduction of garbage through household/kitchen waste segregation, minimized non-renewable energy consumption and upcycling of toxic industrial plastics, from reusing old materials to convert them to building materials/products of better quality or a higher environmental value.

With pooled localized manpower resources alongside foreign investments in applied technologies for varied renewable types of energy like for wind, solar, etc., with technology-based collaborative efforts amongst first-world countries and transferred to third world countries, we can truly make a big difference indeed for the upliftment of our whole world’s economy.

That goes alongside contributing towards achieving a global and localized wholistic anti-global-warming cum climate-change-adaptable framework of feasibly sustainable goals

For resultant decreased carbon-emissions and less reliance on expensive fossil-fuel-based-non-renewable energy on the part of first-world nations and building much stronger and resilient homes/structures in the whole context of our built environment, mostly to benefit third-world nations such as ours.

And not to mention maintain the biodiversity of all ecosystems that hold everything together for our GOD-given renewable Mother NATURE.

If only, we take REAL good care of our environment in the path of TRUE SUSTAINABLE PROGRESS for all.

Indifference must not be an option then for those of us in the know and who are now beginning to see the whole picture of SUSTAINABILITY for the improvement of the quality of LIFE attuned to Global Progress overall. For the survival of the human race interdependent with the quality care we give to our environment comprising other inhabitants of its flora and fauna.

Advocacy and awareness are just but the preliminary steps though, to approach this call for a truly ’green’, sustainable concerted action.

Author - Deanna Rose Chu Santos

Architectural/Green Technology Director,


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For starters : Guiding Design Principles of SUSTAINABILITY

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1. Conservation - Use what we only need.

2. Efficiency - that is, in relation to the use of all kinds resources, renewable and non-renewable, alike; to achieve the minimum energy consumption, possible.

3. Recycling and Upcycling - recycle all waste materials; to convert them to usable, sustainable forms and with design aesthetic value.

4. Renewable resources - rely mainly on renewable sources of energy that abound all-year-round especially distinct to your locality.

5. Restoration - design with ecology in mind; help restore the surrounding natural habitat.

6. Healthy and Clean- creation of a home that is truly healthy in all aspects; from the time it is built with the use ecologically-friendly structural building materials; the use of non-toxic protective paint coating finishes from the roof, wall down to its decorative and sustainable choice of flooring; and with its well-insulated interior door/window furnishings;

with good indoor air quality;

use of passive heating and cooling systems.

provision of open spaces for recreation and outdoor gardening for healthy social family activities;

pesticide-free farming encouraged in bigger arable lands;

Garbage segregation between non-biodegradable toxic chemicals and biodegradable suitable for composting for an odorless kind of fertilizer for agricultural crops

7. Economic - resultant savings on overall energy consumption of green and sustainable structures and its built environment

Author - Deanna Rose Chu Santos

Architectural/Green Technology Director,


my profile:

my web blog site: greenphilippines.worldarchitecture.og


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