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Peculiar Architecture: Chinese Porcelain House

  • Friday, August 23, 2013 - 10:51:11 AM
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The 4th largest city in China, Tianjin, has an unusual attraction known as the Porcelain House, which opened to the public in 2007.
Covering an area of 3,000 square meters, the Porcelain House is decorated with 400 million pieces of ancient porcelain, 16 thousand pieces of ancient chinaware, 300 white-marble carvings, and 20 tons of natural crystals, simply amazing. Entwining the exterior wall, there are four 200 meters long "China Dragons", which are pieced together from thousands of porcelain pieces.They symbolizes the power of ancient China and are one of the most dominant features in Chinese architecture.
The whole transformation is rumored to have cost the collector Zhang Lianzhi, a successful businessman with a great interest in art and culture, approximately $315 million.
By the way,in the field of architecture,what odd attraction is the most fascinating to you?
Author: a marketing specialist. She likes to examine, read,and often visit forum and post in blog pages. She is likewise a 3d visualization master due to her continuous learning. You may visit the site frontop 3d renderings she handles, if you are interested on looking into some great examples.

Integration Service Provider of Design And Construction

  • Friday, August 23, 2013 - 10:48:47 AM
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  • For 12 years, Frontop has focused on creative digital graphics services.
  • More than 300 Digital Exhibition Display Projects for governments and enterprises, Frontop has been dealt with.
  • With abundant experience, like more than 10000 mins animation experience, more than 1000 digital sand table films experience.
  • Over 500 digital creative technicians, over 30 original software copyright R&D teams, 14 domestic branches and 4 overseas offices
  • Four digital science & technology innovation centers, located in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Shanghai these provinces.
  • Service network covers throughout 4 continents,such as Asia, Europe, Australia and America.
Frontop keeps committed to be a trustworthy partner, looking forward to obtain more and more social recognitions and appreciations, to be a global CG leader in the near future.
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The Most Expensive Photographs in the World

  • Friday, August 09, 2013 - 9:49:47 AM
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According to a New York Magazine article on salaries, photography has become one of lucrative professions. "As soon as my kid is big enough, I'm putting a camera in her hands, " a former photographer's agent says. "That's where the money is."
Amazingly, photography has been around for almost two hundred years, but it has gained widespread acceptance as an art form only in the past couple of decades.
What determines the value of a photograph? most of the time, an image that is considered unique will be of greater value, as it has the ability to uniquely reflect the world around us and get a look at it from a different angle. But sometimes doing something completely disgusting or normal so that it is impossible to understand why the work is recognized as a masterpiece.
Anyway, these photos were sold for millions of dollars. Start saving up your pennies, if you are interested in...
#1 Rhein II – Andreas Gursky (1999) $4.3 million
#2 Untitled #96 – Cindy Sherman (1981) $3.9 million
#3 For Her Majesty - Gilbert & George (1973) $3.7 million
#4 Dead Troops Talk – Jeff Wall (1992) $3.7 million
#5 Untitled (Cowboy) - Richard Prince (2001-02) $3.4 million

Urban Design and Landscape Architecture

  • Friday, August 09, 2013 - 9:48:43 AM
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From city parks to entire cities, landscape architects,civil engineers,artists,and urban planners work together to design vast public spaces. As cities grow, it has become more and more important to intergrate nature into an overall urban planning, setting aside green space where urban dwellers can enjoy trees, flowers,lakes and rivers, and wildlife. Some city parks have zoos and planetariums. Some city parks encompass many acres of forested land. Other city parks resemble town plazas with formal gardens and fountains...
Learn about the fascinating and challenging 3D rendering projects involving landscape architecture,city and town planning,new urbanism,and outdoor art.
Project 1-Central Design Planning of Jimei New Town
Project 2-Guangzhou Private Scientific & Technology Park
Project 3-Overall Urban Planning of Mudu & Xukou Town, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province
Project 4-Nanhai Plaza
Project 5-Guangzhou Private Scientific & Technology Park
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Frontop “Wet Look” Architectural Renderings

  • Friday, August 09, 2013 - 9:47:09 AM
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A sunny afternoon rendering, it could be called "classic series". But,having seen so many sunny renderings, normal and common, more or less you would find a bit of boring and dull,right?
Actually, except for the bright and sunny days, it says ultraviolet radiation from the sun can reach you on cloudy days. So why not considering a change? Nowadays with the competition in the architectural visualization industry being so steep, such a "classic" 3D rendering may not be enough to make you stand out from the crowd. It’s time for another series of inspirational architectural renderings to boost your desires and make a difference.
Many have tried several different approaches to distinguish themselves, one of them being a rainy, "wet look". This tends to bring a more dramatic feel to an architectural illustration and in many cases may be a good solution even for commercial works.
Let’s enjoy some Frontop “Wet Look” Architectural Renderings:
(1)Binjiang Project in Xuhui
(2)Pakistan-China Planning
(3)No.179Block,East Road, Nanjing
(5)Shangfei Headquarter in Guangzhou,Guangdong
(6)Tianan Digital Project in Shenzhen,Guangzhou

FRONTOP CASES SHARING-Guangzhou • Tianhe CBD Planning Exhibition Hall

  • Monday, July 22, 2013 - 12:20:53 PM
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Guangzhou • Tianhe CBD Planning Exhibition Hall is a marketing and service display platform, which comprehensively displays the advantages of Tianhe CBD.
With the modernest and most mature display technologies and equipments, like the large screen splicing fusion, digital sand table, virtual simulation, augmented reality, interactive induction operation, cloud storage, Internet technologies, mobile Internet technology, high-definition optical fiber information transmission and display control technology, Frontop sucessfully provided an incredible effect and excellent experience for our visitors.
Frontop always provides meticulous services based on the scientific and standardized project control system. From the theme planning, exhibition planning, space design, elements design to interactive multimedia making, film production, hardware and software integration, as well as site installation and hardware debugging, each step has to fit to the KPI standards. It not only strictly guarantees the safety, quality and progress of this project, but also ensures the final quality and project acceptance.
For years, Frontop has paid great attentions on the trend of government & enterprise exhibition halls, and keeps committed to become the trustworthy partners for them. Adhering to the advanced international concepts, taking users’ experience as the orientation, Frontop’s digital exhibition hall design has widely been applied in the museums, city pavilions, corporate pavilions, large scale events and exhibitions, and has won wide praises and recognitions.

Google Glasses

  • Monday, July 22, 2013 - 12:19:22 PM
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Have you read "The Space Merchants", a science fiction novel in 50s by Pohl and Kornbluth? It seems that the following issue is a kind alike, creepy but promising, interesting but cool. Just let me show you what this incredible stuff is:
Google Glasses, the hot issue recently, were developed by Google X, leaded by engineer Babak Parviz. This ambitious project started from 3 years ago, and now it eventually reveal its veil with five available colors, including grey, orange, black, white and light blue.
You can not deny that the screen, as a technology, is a kind of a kludge sometime. Imagine it: You’re walking home from work, the screen on your desk or console isn’t doing anything. The one on your phone is a little better, but not if it’s tucked away in your pocket. That’s why Google Glasses were leased to world, it really exits certain values and significant. A built-in screen allows glasses to function as a so-called heads-up display, overlaying whatever the viewers is looking at with a digital layer.
Google Glasses, of course, is still in its primary stage, still having not the cellular wireless communications functions, thus it must be used together with mobile phone, accessing to WiFi, 3G/ 4G network via Bluetooth, but all of these never reduce any charm or good impression of Google Glasses.
Eyes are the most direct tool for us to communicate with the outside world, while the glasses are much closer to our eyes than screen, watch, mobile phone and anything else. With Google Glasses, users are much closer to Internet, the images and data of virtual world can be overlaid in the reality, presenting a colorful and rich application scenario.
So far, what you can do with Google Glasses? Video recording, sending text messages, providing translation and navigation, etc. In the meantime, Google is trying to expand this equipment's application scenarios, like published API, acceptance of third-party applications... there will be more and more functions in the future.
Once one fresh thing appears in the world, it not only will arouse our interests, but also provoke some reflective thoughts more or less . Google Glasses also raises some privacy concerns, their unperfect appearance, and the very expensive price...Even so, Google Glasses still are of epoch-making significance, and have the potential to change the world.
In my opinion, Google Glasses are one more amazing invention. 3D renderings, amazing, allow for unparalled architectural visualization, saving architects and designers a ton of time and money when designing a building, and also allow them to push their creativity to the maximum when creating a concept. Google Glasses, alike 3D renderings, they both result in some seriously cool concepts, from the very realistic, to futuristic, and even ones that seem quite strange. Do you think so?

New Views: Architectural Renderings Exhibition At The Art Institute Of Chicago

  • Monday, July 22, 2013 - 12:17:43 PM
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GREAT NEWS! A special projects exhibition titled "New Views: The Rendered Image in Architecture", was opened to the public on June 15, 2013!

This exhibition, featured by the Department of Architecture and Design at the Art Institute of Chicago, developed by Julia van den Hout and Kyle May, editors of CLOG magazine, highlights the artistry and technical proficiency required of practitioners, especially how they utilize advanced softwares and hardwares to create digital architectural renderings, which is increasingly replacing hand-drawn images, generating new representations of architecture. Undeniable, it’s a big shift in field of architectural visualization.

There are 60 images on shown, exploring the diversity of rendering types being produced today. Participating firms include: Frontop, Abrahams May Architects, BIG, DBOX, Family and PlayLab, Greg Lynn FORM, Labtop,Luxigon, Mansilla + Tuñ&o’n Architects, Mir, OFFICE Kersten Geers David Van Severen, P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S / Marcelo Spina and Georgina Huljich, Pure,visualhouse, and Zaha Hadid Architects.
Among these images, there are 5 pcs 3D renderings from Frontop, including: Dujiangyan Plaza by Guangzhou South Design Institute, Pakistan-china planning by DEMAINE International Architectural Design Consulting Co., Changzhou Wanda plaza by CCI Architecture Design & Consulting Co., Zaha 1766, and Zaha Hadid Architects 2012.
New Views is on view in the Art Institute’s Kurokowa Gallery in the Modern Wing until January 5, 2014. The Art Institute is open daily from 10:30am–5:00pm and Thursday until 8:00. Welcome to have a visit!