September 06, 2013 - 17:30 / Submitted by Dobrina Zheleva-Martins


The aim of the paper is to display our experience of the concept we are applying in Theory of composition educational course for students in Engineering design at the University of Forestry – Sofia.

The concept can be summarized as follows: Interdisciplinary education generates creative thinking.

The report will present how specific knowledge coming from topical modern sciences that have become dominant in the rational knowledge of human psycho-physiology, perception, thinking and self-expression, can generate ideas and creative thinking in students when introduced in the teaching of design. For example, in the teaching course of Theory of composition - the source of such knowledge are the Humanities and interdisciplinary connection is made with psychology of perception, Gestalt psychology, semiotics, semantics, critics and others.

The effect of this approach, consisting in the analysis of the overall success in the discipline and the activation of students’ creative thinking will be presented in the conclusion.

Key words: Interdisciplinary education, Creativity, Theory of composition, Gestalt Principles, Semiotics

Publiched in full:

Zheleva-Martins Viana, Dobrina I , Miroslava N. Petrova, Stela B. Tasheva,

FROM INTERDISCIPLINARITY TO CREATIVITY – In: Journal of International Scientific Publications: “Educational Alternatives”, Volume 11, Part 2, 2013; pp.160-168

ISSN 1313-2571, Published at:

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