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20 - 21 June 2013 


Prague, Czech Republic

Metropolis Central is about being in the center of Europe, while Infinite Resources is about people being the most sustainable urban resource.


Conference themes


Modernizing Metropolis

Urban combine: Urban resiliency and City Ecosystems

reCLAIMING Waterfronts

reGENERATIVE Metropolis : Tools of Stimulation

Quality Leadership and Governance in the Post-Communist Capital

Quickies : Innovative Urban Projects


Keynote speakers 2013*

Kees Christiaanse

Founder • KCAP Architects & Planners • Rotterdam 
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Adrian Benepe

Director of Urban Programs • The Trust for Public Lands • New York 
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Winy Maas

Co-Founder • MVRDV • Rotterdam 
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Enrique Peñalosa

Former Mayor of Bogota • Colombia 
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reSITE Conference 2013 aims to be a catalyst, a driver for a new generation of thinkers and doers in Central Europe. reSITE Conference takes aim at the question of modernizing the metropolis. Over 50 leading experts will participate at reSITE Conference 2013. The conference will focus on providing solutions for the conflicted desires of Central European citizens; to grow and yet weave in a complex past. From year to year the number of activist groups and visible opinion makers has increased dramatically. The themes that parallel reSITE - architecture, politics, finance, planning, democracy - they all meet when one thinks of public space. We feel certain that reSITE can catalyze the public and business community to influence positive changes in cities while we understand and know that there are municipal leaders who will answer the challenges of a regenerative metropolis. Prague is Metropolis Central. Creative and innovative people are the Infinite Resource.

At reSITE Conference we will reveal issues of innovative leadership, smart design, contemporary urban planning, interdisciplinary dialogue and highlight foreign expertise.

reSITE will talk sensitively about urban issues while coordinating a dialogue where new voices are heard. reSITE will add proof that politicians, developers, financiers, designers and community representatives can discuss city development and planning together and the result is infinitely more positive for doing so. Harsh economic conditions and subsequent austerity have set a new course in urban development and have inspired innovation in the farthest corners of Europe. In Central Europe, we have been living in democratic countries for more than 23 years but the reality does not correspond to a modern nation. reSITE is a symbol of informed awareness; informed by events of the pas, ambition of the present and acutely aware of the state of the art in planning, culture, leadership and finance in the most innovative and competitive cities abroad; small and large.

The reSITE program, having just completed it's first year, has attracted considerable attention in the international and local community. reSITE Conference 2012 hosted 115 participants to lecture and debate in front of 400 guests at the conference and over 5,000 diverse minds at public events; including a contingent of young architects and urbanists mixing with business and cultural leaders. reSITE 2013 aims to attract a larger public and international audience.