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Erdem Architects Gets First Prize in La Spezia Arsenale 2062 Competition

United Kingdom Architecture News - Jun 16, 2014 - 12:35   7607 views

Murati Vivi association together with the Team of international design competition Arsenale 2062, are proud to announce the final results after the jury meeting on the 21st of May. 

Jury was composed by:
The Council of Murati Vivi Association
Arch. Fabio Baccini
Arch. Daniele Lauria
NIP Magazine Editorial Staff

Every Jury member gave a score for each of the following project features: compliance to programme, original details and design creativity, long view and possibilities on the gulf landscape development, composition and look.

The best score has been given to Peace Island by Sunay&Gunay Erdem (Turkey), who are the official competition winners

Second place is Arsenale la Spezia 2062 by Gijs Braakman (The Netherlands)
Third place is Open Spaces by Francesco Bellotto (Italy)

The La Spezia Arsenale 2062 Architecture Competition launched in 2012 has its winner now. The first rank among five contesters has been assigned to Erdem Architects by the jury committee, which based its decision on several criteria including plan, original detail, design, creativity and gulf landscape. 

La Spezia Arsenale started to be built in 1857 by Napoleon and entered into service in 1862. Blown up in World War II, the arsenal, after being repaired, hosted warships. Losing its functionality afterwards, it remained as a dysfunctional area in the city of La Spezia. Aiming for producing an idea about reusing the area and reintagrating the Italian arsenal to the city, the La Spezia Arsenale 2062 Architecture Competition, opened to everyone throughout the world, has been won by two Turkish architects, Günay Erdem and Sunay Erdem. 

Although wars continue around the world, La Speazia has had no functionality for a long time. Sooner or later, peace will prevail. We considered that La Spezia could be a symbol of this. We designated a very simple idea, and decided to transform the area, well-known for its military reputation, into peace islands representing the peace itself” said Sunay Erdem, speaking to WA. Günay Erdem summed up the project in similar terms: “The arsenal harbour gets a new lease of life after being transformed into three peace islands: The first island is a place of agoras, cafes, restaurants, cinemas, pubs and bookstores where people socialize, not make war. The second island is a zoo island with animals representing peace. And the third island is a place where plants, the most representative of a peaceful life, grow”

Architecturally, La Spazia Arsenale might become the first on earth to transform itself from an area of war into a beautiful and fruitful area of a peaceful life. Assuming the area to regain its functionality in 2062, with an entirely peaceful perspective and landscape, this is going to be the success of Turkish architects at the end of the 21st century. It is the first time Erdem Architects has won a contest in Italy, and they already have 47 awards in similar contests across the globe.

All Images © Erdem Architects

The team of Sunay Erdem and Günay Erdem consists of several consultants and assistants, namely Serpil Öztekin Erdem, Aslı Tulay Erdem, Ömer Kaya, Kaan Askar, Sinan Tulay, Ada Erdem, and Gökçe Üçüncüoğlu.

You can see full official article about the project and the competition on NIP Magazine n.20 The Wall (codice ISSN 2281-1176).
Link to the article: Nip#20

An online contest is open till the end of june 2014 in order to determine a public jury winner on facebook. Use this link to vote here,

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