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Exhibitions, debates, field trips and sleeping over at the architect’s Back in Rotterdam for the summer: the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

Exhibitions, tours, field trips, sleeping over at the architect’s: from late May to late August,Rotterdam will be breathing architecture, hosting activities associated with the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) and subsequent activities in the city.Visit IABR–2014– from 29 May to 24 August.


Exhibitions in Kunsthal Rotterdam and Natural History Museum Rotterdam
The IABR exhibitions will take place in both the Kunsthal and in the adjacent Natural History Museum Rotterdam. Hosting ‘Pure Resilience’, this museum will showcase how nature adapts to urbanization. This interactive exhibition will perfectly match the projects featured in the Kunsthal.IABR visitors can enter both museums with a single Kunsthal entry ticket. The regular admission fee is € 11.00. Museum card holders visiting the IABR only pay the extra charge of € 5.00.

Symposia, debates, events, and field trips
Together with its partners, the IABR will offer an extensive supplementary program. To provide more in-depth information, the program includes various lectures, debates and symposia. Many of these are open to the general public. Join an underground route, guided tour or a field trip to the Maasvlakte and experience real time URBAN BY NATURE. From mid-April onward, the IABR website will feature a complete overview of all activities.

First Edition of Wake Up in Architecture
For its first edition, the successful overnight stay concept Wake Up in It will introducean architectural version. During the IABR, visitors will be staying the weekend with an architect. To add to the excitement,the architect’s name and address will only be revealed once guests have booked their beds. Prices are €60for a one-night stay for one, and € 100 for a one-night stay for two. Prices including breakfast, VAT and local tax.

During the opening weekend of the IABR the architecture festival ZigZagCity will also start. From 29 May to 9 June, ZigZagCity will take visitors on a surprising journey across Rotterdam, showing the city in a different light. Visitors are invited to join a tour through the Laurenskwartier: from the Luchtsingel to the world-famous cube houses and the Blaakse Bos.

Today, there are more trees in parks and nurseries than there are in the forests. Now that more than 50 per cent of the world’s inhabitants live in urban conditions, cities have in fact become ournatural habitat. This insight leads to a different perspective on the relationship between cities and nature, and to the conclusion that if we want to solve our environmental problems, will have to solve them in the cities first. The curator of this years’ IABR program is landscape architect Dirk Sijmons.



DATA May 29 – August 24, 2014

IABR IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE– claims that we can only resolve the world’s environmental problems if we resolve the problems of the city. The biennale is curated by Dutch landscape architect Dirk Sijmons. Looking through the lens of landscape architecture, IABR–2014– redefines the way we deal with urban
challenges by analyzing the relationship between urban society and nature, and between city and landscape. Now more than ever, the city has become our natural environment. With the use of new strategies that effectively address the city as the bigger urban landscape that it is, we can make the city more resilient
and thus truly contribute to a more sustainable future world.

LOCATIONS IABR–2014– has two main locations: Kunsthal Rotterdam and Natural History Museum Rotterdam. An elaborative side-program will take place throughout the city of Rotterdam.

REACH IABR reaches residents of Rotterdam and surroundings, but also attracts national and international visitors.

TARGET GROUP Professionals and students familiar with the fields of design, spatial design, (civil) engineering, technical science, government and management, employees of cultural, social and environmental organizations, as well as everyone who is interested in the theme of the biennale.

HIGHLIGHTS Opening on Thursday May 29th The entire Kunsthal Rotterdam is fully dedicated to IABR–2014–URBAN BY NATURE–. With among many other things: a large infographic, a two stories high designgallery about the underground, seven pavilions showcasing the material flows, and a photo gallery.In Natural History Museum Rotterdam an interactive exhibition‚‘Pure Resilience’, illustrates how natural our urban environment is.


Lectures, debates
A guided underground tour and excursions, to the harbor of Rotterdam and Maasvlakte 2.

An attractive Urban Program with a.o. architecture festival ZigZagCity.Wake Up in Architecture, stay the weekend with an architect.The complete program will be published on in April.

ENTRANCE Tickets for the main exhibition in Kunsthal Rotterdam are €11.This ticket also grants access to Natural History Museum Rotterdam. Other activities require an additional ticket or a free registration.More information: and

OPENING HOURS Kunsthal Rotterdam is open from Tuesday till Saturday, from 10am–5pm, on Sundays from 11am–5pm and is closed on Mondays. Natural History Museum Rotterdam is open from Tuesday till Sunday from 11am–5pm.

Facebook: International.Architecture.Biennale.Rotterdam
Twitter: @IABR


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