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The ’’Drop’’ eco-hotel redefines eco-luxury portable hotel suits

United Kingdom Architecture News - May 12, 2015 - 11:31   5777 views

all images courtesy of Urban Square

The ''Drop'' concept is a new sign of architecture that won a design contest organized by the urban furniture and microarchitecture manufacturer Urban Square, the brand design network O-cults and the Architecture office Ricardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura.Nowadays,Urban Square is also manufacturing this drop hotel for the customers to purhase from their catalogues.This modular structure was made of prefabricated wooden and steel elements and covers the minimum area in the environment through its installation.

interior of the ’’Drop’’ eco-hotel 

The base of structure is pushed up by its steel legs from the ground that provides a maximum adaptation to the irregular terrains.The structure consists of large circular windows in cylindirical design that connects inddor-outdoor direct interaction with the environment and also provides natural ventilation.The total are of design is 23m2 but this space is enough for  a lounge area and a bedroom also includes a separate bathroom with toilet, shower and bath.In general,these types of modular systems involve thin photovoltaic solar films on the roof that can be combined with wood siding for power generation and a rainwater collection system harvests water for use in the bathroom, further reducing its environmental impact.

The other structural properties of design is lined up like this:primed carbon steel structure exterior and interior coating in galvanized sheet thickness 2 mm and thermal insulation between the two sheets thermo-lacquered finished in RAL still to be determined longitudinal elevations covered with battens solid iroko wood treated 50x50 mm enclosure of front elevation with double glasses 4+4/15/8 mm and aluminium profiles transversal elevation with curved glass stadit 8+8 mm and stainless steel profiles solid flooring laminated treated iroko wood on battens.

The ’’Drop’’ eco-hotel also includes outdoor terraces 

night view of the ’’Drop’’ eco-hotel

> via Urban Square