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“Rice”, the root of Thai culture, has been one of the four fundamental needs relating closely to the Thai way of life for along time. Having realized the importance of the Thai farmers, whose main occupation is to grow rice. TU Rice Granary, designed to be an image that represents the rice-culture of Thailand within the area of Thammasat University providing the annual activities of Rice planting Day which contributed into social-responsibility of student and all of campus-alliance. Architecture of TU Rice Granary is the image of rice-culture providing students’ vision to understand deeply the root of Thai culture as well as their roles of social responsibilities.





Technical data

Client: Thammasat University,Rangsit Campus,Thailand

Project team

Principal: Khiensak Seangklieng + M.L.Varodom Suksawaddi + Thanakorn Taraka

WA Award

TU Rice Granary by AP sTUdio Thammasat in Thailand won the WA Award Cycle 9. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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