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DOCKS Venezia lies in a strategic position between the industrial zone and the main road connecting the mainland to Venice. This unique urban environment has arisen from a combination of Venice and its Lagoon, the industrial and port centre in Marghera, Mestre, and the existing complex infrastructure network already in place or being built in the surrounding areas. It is easily accesible via the main roads and motorways and is only a few kilometres away from Tessera airport. _The project _Each building volume is both defined by its role in the urban system and how it affects the system itself. Nevertheless, the project is highly flexible, and may be reworked up to the advanced stages of project execution. The buildings surround a large central landscaped core, each one offering specific features and providing social meeting points. The principle vertices of the complex, the zones located near the main urban road axes, are characterised by tower-shaped buildings {buildings A and C}, which mark out the area as high visual impact urban landmarks and co-ordinate the main connections to the external road network. Likewise, the primary road axes also define the alignments for linear structures {buildings B and D} that are related to the axes according to their respective functions: one is devoted to commerce and management, the other is prevalently intended for production {building D}. _Architectural quality _Materials _The adopted materials highlight the harmonious character of the project. The façade coverings are made of prefabricated cement panels with transparent and opaque glazed surfaces. Provided in various colour shades and sizes, the panels modulate the visual impact of large building volumes and are designed to recall the chromatic effect of the stone coverings of the most important Venetian buildings. The different types of glazed surfaces – simple and double continues glazing, opaque, or screened by sun blinds – ensure best daylight quality and maximisation of views. _Common areas _The project places great emphasis on the quality of the common areas, which represent the organisational, functional and leisure aspects of the complex. In addition to the large covered and uncovered areas assigned to resident, user and visitor car parks, which are easily accessible from every part of the area, the complex also contains different types of pedestrian walks and rest places, which link and cross the various areas and buildings. Arcades, foyers, shopping promenades, walkways and squares are all to be made with the finest modern fittings that create a great visual impact, hence making the whole complex easily identifiable. _Green areas _Docks Venezia is characterised by its large areas devoted to the natural environment. Among the more important elements in the project is the central area enclosing a vast sloping lawn containing scattered shrubs and trees, providing the visitor with a protected green area for leisure and sports activities. Rows of trees line the perimeter of the whole complex and shrubs and trees integrate and enhance the external paved areas and car parks. The project for vegetation includes the planting of species native to the Lagoon and Veneto mainland areas, or else trees that have adapted to the landscape. Environmental awareness is also reflected in the adoption of energy-saving systems for the buildings and installations, at the same time optimizing management costs.





Project team

UP3 ARCHITETTI ASSOCIATI Paolo De Biasi Francesco Durante Elisabetta Roman