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This project transforms an existing textile factory in Mauritius into a new work, live and sport centre. This is identified by the new contemporary additions or ‘plugs’ inserted into the pure white factory. The overall project includes 30,000sqm of office, commercial, medical, sport and entertainment space, plus 200 apartments creating a convenient and fully integrated life centre. Phase 1, comprising over 3,000sqm of prime office space is currently under construction to be completed in December 2011.





Technical data

The new additions include a red concrete frame and glass box to the main entrance and perforated metal boxes marking the principal entrances. Large courtyards are inserted into the deep factory plan to bring light and ventilation to the interior spaces. Frameless glass boxes in red, white and grey float over the atrium space to create a contemporary spine connecting the offices to the commercial and sport centre. The office interiors are designed to maximise the “loft” feeling of the factory. The new’ Life Centre’ will set the highest standards of environmental design in Mauritius under the BREEAM guidelines. The existing facades are opened up to provide maximum light and ventilation with automatic vertical louver panels shading the interiors and adapting to the tropical climate, thereby reducing the need for mechanical ventilation. As the fifth elevation, the large factory roof is to be converted into a green roof garden. This will be used to contain cafes, golf practise areas and other leisure activities.

Project team

ERIC CHAVOIX ARCHITECTS – Eric Chavoix, Roger Doyle, Carlos Gil, Terri Brown

WA Award

SOCOTA by Eric Chavoix in Mauritius won the WA Award Cycle 11. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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