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Our brief was to capture beauty of the traditional Thai architecture in the new contemporary design. We traveled around in the region and drew our inspiration from local sensuality in form and materials. In form, we adapted the vernacular curvilinear roof which beautifully accentuates the mountainous backdrop. In terms of materials, we used traditional building materials such as small handmade bricks and locally-grown bamboos for both external and internal cladding. We hope these materials are able to echo their distant memories and familiarity of the place. The building is also designed with concept of traditional passive cooling system, allowing user to experience openness and constant connection to surrounding landscape, with naturally lit and ventilated spaces.





Technical data

600 sq. meter

Project team

SOH Architecture Design Workshop OSS Engineering

WA Award

Visitor Centre by Sylvia Soh in Thailand won the WA Award Cycle 7. Please find below the WA Award poster for this project.

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Image Credit: Sylvia Soh