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The Omrania l CSBE Student Award for Excellence in Architectural Design. First place: Redevelopment of the Southern Terrace of Jabal al-Qala; designed by Dina Hadi, Mousa Shahin, and Hazim Samawi and supervised by Arch. Leen Fakhoury, University of Jordan, Amman. THE PROJECT CONCEPT (preserve a memory for something was alive) To reflect the relation between the different layers of the city and how the past must not just be preserved, but made part of the future. Our purpose must be to rediscover how our inheritance and memory can become vivid and relevant to what we make now. houses, silent, walls and such corridors every thing are silent each space are empty, in our site the cluster is and enclosed and protects space holding only an essential elements, ceiling, floor, a small slits of lights, groves between the walls opens the view towards the city, all these impressions gives us a trace that there is a mysterious story about these houses.





Project team

Dina Hadi, Mousa Shahin, and Hazim Samawi


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dina hadi

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dina hadi