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The 5 de Julho hotel, which is municipal patrimony of Mindelo, will house the Lusófona Baltasar Lopes da Silva University. The project foresees the phased restoration of the built set and the transformation of the spaces according to their new use. In the first phase (present phase), the visible reflex of the intervention is centred on the interior circulations and on the elevations, in an attempt to attribute the appropriate sense of scale and formal dignity to the building. Seeking the maximum results with minimum intervention, rooms were adapted, corridors were widened, and façades were reformulated, with new light entrances and air circulations (protected by shading metallic gratings inspired on the shutter doors from Mindelo).

Technical data

contruction area: 1800m2

Project team

Posto9 Architects Arq. Andre Ferreira Arq. Joana Castanheira Arq. Joana Ribeiro


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