The building lives at the expense of energy of the sun.
Solar oasis in desert of a heat or frost in a continental climate. The building has an own microclimate and can be considered as separate ecosystem. The structure absorbing the sun, can be inhabited or office building.

Roof of a building is working. On it the largest greenhouse, installation for heating water by solar beams and technical rooms is located.

Photo cells:
The outside surface of a building is formed by photo cells. Photo cells is transforming a solar energy in an electricity and is warm.

Apartments or the offices crossing green zone, included in the structure vertical greenhouses and are designed for combining nature and live zone. Roofs - maintained.

The people who living or working in a building, can change a degree of penetration of direct solar beams in rooms and define an amount of the developed electric power. Structurally photo cells are decided as vertical jalousie. The form of the plan of a building is optimized for the maximal penetration of solar beams into its structure. The wall - reflector increases a degree of penetration of solar beams in apartments and greenhouses.

The greenhouses in structure of a building form green zone and are created for processing a solar energy in biological. At the expense of them in a building creates an own moderate microclimate occupying it the people approach with a nature. The Products which have been growing up in greenhouses, can be used by the inhabitants or people working at offices.

It is the house absorbing the sun.

__ Green zone (the zone, where is carried out biological absorption of a solar energy: greenhouses, biostructure) and
__ Blue zone (the zone, where occurs electrochemical absorption of energy of the sun: photo cells, solar batteries).
Green zone and blue zone are crossed with
__ Live zone (yellow), where the basic function of a building (inhabited or public) is carried out.

All zones are united by the communications and begin in common to function, providing each other by necessary resources.





Image Credit: Simon Rastorguev

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