A generic context….a space without place….the context of movement.

Can a prototype still be contextual?

“The context of a project – the place, its environment – is much larger than the city or piece of earth upon which it will sit.” -Federico Soriano

In the case of the bus stop, the structure can relate to the context of movement. Rather than thinking of the structure as a place that has permanence think of it more as a transitional space where one is prepared for the journey about to take place. The structure then can take aesthetic cues from mass transit and the design of the bus which gives the user a sense of familiarity and comfort. The bus stop seems generic due to the fact that it is repeated throughout the city but, by taking contextual cues from mass transit the bust stop is transformed from a purely functional element into an icon which represents safe, efficient, and convenient transportation for the citizens of the Greater Oklahoma City Metropolitan area. What were seemingly mundane parts and pieces of the bus can be re-assembled to form a symbol of public transportation that can be easily identified in any context.

Transmod uses a series of prefabricated modules which are built, to exacting tolerances, off site in a controlled environment. The modules can be easily transported to the site where they are rapidly assembled. The use of modular construction allows the structure to be flexible and adapt to different sites throughout the metropolitan area. Based on the frequency of use and allotted area of each individual site the structure can shrink or expand to whatever capacity is required. All of this is accomplished by simply adding or removing seating modules as necessary.

Advanced technologies such as and interactive LCD route map, thin film solar photovoltaics, and real time LED visual display modules are incorporated into the bus stop. Real Time information removes the uncertainty a passenger feels when waiting at the bus stop, by providing accurate information about the arrival of services at their stop. The stop also has the capability of becoming a wireless hotspot so a society on the move can stay connected and informed.




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