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Öncüoğlu+ACP is an international architectural practice composed of dynamic and experienced team of architects, designers, planners and engineers that operates in 4 countries; Turkey, Germany, Russia and Kazakhstan. the firm was founded by Hasan Öncüoğlu in 1964. Since 1996, the company is directed by Enis Öncüoğlu with his partners Önder Kaya, Cem Altınöz, Cumhur Keskinok, Claus Jungk and Engin Öncüoğlu.

Adaptation is the keyword that forms the identity of the team with respect to topography, geography, culture and climate within social and urban fabric. Bilingual specialists form the backbone of Öncüoğlu+ACP’s international design service and operations. after several numbers of realized projects, significant experience has been achieved in the requirements, services and organization of international projects. Each new project is a challenging experience that takes forward the company’s architectural approach, coordination skills, technological and material knowledge. The projects are designed with innovative methods taking into consideration the climate, environmental conditions and technological aspects.

Öncüoğlu+ACP find ive and realistic solutions for every design case within its context and existence. ‘Integration’ is another keyword in the firm’s approach for social and spatial dialogue within the international standards of architecture. In its region, the company is recognized by its unique and individual architectural expression formed through the spatial dialogue.