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Professional Activities:
(LINK) always tries to represent the best offer in relation with the client and user. Iran’s economy and the project being economical is (LINK)’s supreme consideration.
We are trying to build a flexible architecture that both the client and the user can adopt it to their own conditions.
Investigation and research is the main key and the critical factor that always grounds the impressive creativities in (LINK)’s architecture.
Building Living trend Theory
(LINK)’s activities can be divided to 3 grounds each influencing the other and that’s what makes (LINK) dynamic.

There are three fundamental questions that introduce (LINK):
What sort of worldview?
What sort of tools?
What sort of knowledge?
Harmonic trend is our worldview.
We use link as our tool in phenomenon investigation in this flow.
Cyclo (stem) cell is the knowledge of using this tool.
Communication evolution has influenced all aspects of human life. Therefore, the thing that distinguishes our era from the former period is the fundamental changes in the variety of living trends that creates different alternatives of life styles.
In another word, (LINK) is searching for the omitted factors in various periods that can be effective today. (LINK) investigates these effective factors in an equivalent procedure; in a way that everything happens in an ambulatory process which knot’s grafts is the most important thing during this process.
We discuss about the concepts in order to find their feedback in different ways. Obviously, we issue these ideas and promote the users and clients to challenge so that we can find the ones that would survive from these challenges. Therefore, link is always trying to improve and being modernized.
We are constantly trying to hire the talented architects so that they can assist the present professionals to help the firm to improve and become global while being local.
There are always research topics that the consequences affect the next flow. In this stage, we share our ideas in an equivalent system. The design team will develop the concept after demonstrating the main idea.
The most important property of our colleagues is their enthusiasm.
The people we choose to cooperate, rise (LINK)’s quality.
The goal is to establish a global network from our joints that are interested in (LINK)’s method and try to cooperate in the development of its dreams.
Since we are constantly interested in being linked, architects from around the world can join us in all the aspects that we can share.
We consider the client our initial member and we discuss about the primary concepts and it is the beginning of our cooperation. In this work we get other professionals consults in various aspects of the project.

Office Members

  • Ali Hamidi moghadam

Projects by RAVAND-E-HAMAHANG(LINK) Office