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Site Museum Montemor-o-Novo,Portugal Competition Results Announced!

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1st Prize: SM14079 José Luis Concha Jerónimo, Alvaro Gor Gómez, Carlos Gor Gómez, Agustín Gor Gómez (SPAIN)
Jury remarks:
For the clarity and strength of the proposal; the relationship between the new elements, the existing walls and the surrounding context;  for the integration between architecture and landscape transforming them into a unique experience, seeking to respect the heritage.  Equally, for the quality of interior atmospheres, the articulation of open and compressed spaces, allowing to gently move from one space to another, guided by natural light and matter.

ArkxSite would like to congratulate the following winners and honorable mentions for their compelling competition submissions!These results are composed of (6) teams of young professional architects and (4) teams of architecture students!

2nd Prize:SM14011 Concepció Bauçà Cerezo, Zoí Casimiro Sinfreu (SPAIN)
Jury remarks:
For the serenity and sensibility of the solution, placing emphasis on the existing wall and the articulation of the section, allowing the site and ruins to retain their presence and historical value.

This was the international one-stage architecture competition invited all architects to develop and submit compelling ideas for the design of a contemporary Site Museum located within the Castle at Montemor-o-Novo in Portugal Site Museum located within the Castle at Montemor-o-Novo in Portugal

3rd Prize:SM14062 Nicolò Spinelli, Marco Volpi (ITALY)
Jury remarks:
For the manner in which the proposal reinforces the existing pathway of the castle; for the spatial organization and quality of light, directing the views towards the extended landscape.

Honorable Mentions

SM14031 Teresa Sanchis Darocas, Francisco Hidalgo Nunez, Alvaro Hidalgo Nunez (SPAIN)

SM14138 Lorenzo Tamberi, Mattia Cavaglieri (ITALY)

SM14045 Aleksandrs Nedzveds (LATVIA)

SM14142 Zhichao Hu, Pei Zhang, Liguo Ma, Yunfeng Yao (CHINA)

SM14101 Nicolas Brigand, Victor Wichrowski (FRANCE)

SM14137 Raycho Dimitrov (BULGARIA)

SM14124 Fabrizio Mariotti, Carniti Andrea (ITALY)

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